VIDEO: Alex Galchenyuk not as good at golf as he is hockey

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If you're a hockey player chance are you're a golf player. If you're not one when your career begins, you'll become one when it's over. It's the hockey player's pastime with early exits leading to tee time jokes. Hockey players golf, especially North American hockey players.

Montreal Canadiens youngster Alex Galchenyuk does not golf. As teams often do, the Canadiens had a pre-camp golf outing where the young American (who spent his youth all over Europe and the US) where Galchenyuk took his first golf swings. They were not pretty.

That is a true hockey player's swing if I've ever seen one. There is no arc on the swing, it's like he's shooting a slap shot. And that divot, holy smokes that divot. The next thing he needs to be taught after the quick swing instruction is what to do with that crater he just made in the tee box.

It's OK, with a few more rounds Galchenyuk will start to look like all the other hockey players on the course during the summer, looking like pros.

Maybe even soon enough he'll be able to hit shots like Maple Leafs coach Randy Carlyle.

S/t to Arpon Basu

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