VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin in impromptu hockey game on DC streets

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Imagine you're walking a downtown street in the middle of the day perhaps on your way to get lunch or something. You happen to be passing by the city's arena that is usually only busy at night, when there is a game or concert.

Then you get stopped by none other than Alex Ovechkin, who asks you to play hockey with him. Street hockey, that is; just a touch easier than the real thing on ice. What would you say?

That scenario played out recently in Washington, D.C., as Ovi, in full uniform minus his helmet, went onto the streets and asked passersby to join him for a game. Surprisingly, not everybody was up to it. Perhaps it was that toothless smile scaring them away. I don't know.

Soon enough, though, Ovi had enough players for an impromptu game on F Street right outside Verizon Center. Ovechkin paired up with the "beauties," aka the ladies -- it's OK, Alex, we won't tell Maria -- and the game was on. But not before a rush of cheerleaders and PA announcer Wes Johnson joined them to watch.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the aim here is -- as in a marketing campaign or anything; there are no Swooshes being promoted that I can see, just #advantagefun -- though it is posted to YouTube on the Verizon Wireless account.

Regardless, it's pretty cool to see. I'm sure it was even cooler for those people who got to play with Ovechkin.

Interestingly enough, the video was made in late March, or near the beginning of the time Ovechkin began this ridiculous hot streak he and the Capitals are on. It's pretty easy to see that he is having fun in the video, even if it is just for the cameras. Some had said the fun was missing from Alex's game. I think it would be incredibly short-sighted to say this brought the fun back for Alex, but it looks like he was having a good time.

Next, I want to see somebody on the Leafs try this in downtown Toronto and see how tough it is to get people to play then.

S/t to DC Sports Bog

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