VIDEO: Bruins make Jarome Iginla take laps in postgame ceremony

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The city of Calgary welcomed Jarome Iginla back on Tuesday night with the most open arms you'll see despite the fact that he was wearing the spoked B of the Boston Bruins. It resulted in a stirring pregame ceremony with a great tribute video and tremendous ovation.

It was a goosebump-inducing reception but once the game began, Iginla was just another opposing player. Until the end of the game, when it was Iggy's moment once again.

As you'll often see, Iginla was named the game's third star in his return despite going scoreless. It offered one last chance for Calgary to show him their appreciation for all his years with the Flames organization and all he did, both on and off the ice.

He was announced as the third star and came out for the traditional short circle and return to the bench. Only when he got back to the bench a couple of Bruins were blocking his return and Zdeno Chara made Iginla take a lap. As in a victory lap.

Iginla, with a grin ear to ear, obliged as the crowd continued to roar. All the while, the entire Bruins team poured out onto the bench to watch and for a second time, force Iginla to take a lap.

I'm not sure which is cooler, the awesome response from the crowd or the entire Bruins team coming out to watch. Either way this much is clear: there are few people more respected in the game than Jarome Iginla.

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