VIDEO: Chris Kreider fans on shot, scores on Niklas Backstrom anyway

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There are soft goals and then there is what Minnesota Wild goaltender Niklas Backstrom surrendered to the Rangers' Chris Kreider on Sunday night.

Kreider scooped up the puck in the neutral zone after Rick Nash forced a turnover and Kreider, with his speed, found himself on a mini-break but on an angle. He had little option to cross to the center so he tried to take a shot from the faceoff dot. Problem was, he fanned on the shot, just barely pushing it forward.

It should have resulted in the easiest save of the night for Backstrom. It should have. Backstrom went for the poke check and missed on the Bugs Bunny-style changeup and from there the puck managed to squeeze in the five-hole. The result was the ninth goal of the season for Kreider.

Kreider will be happy to know they all look the same on the score sheet after the game. But it's safe to say you won't see this on Backstrom's highlight reel.

In the end it was nothing more than embarrassing for Backstrom as it was the final goal of the night in what turned out to be a comfortable 4-1 Rangers victory.

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