VIDEO: David Steckel goal falls in from the sky

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A teardrop shot is a term that you hear in basketball. It's a shot that goes way up to the point it seems to fall out of the sky and into the hoop. We don't have teardroppers in hockey.

Correction: We don't have a lot of teardroppers in hockey. We did have one on Wednesday night, though.

In one of the stranger goals that you will see, David Steckel of the Anaheim Ducks got credit for a goal -- already a weird story, amiright? -- when the puck popped up into the air and over Blue Jackets goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. It's no exaggeration to say literally nobody on the ice knew where the puck was, not even Steckel.

By the time the puck landed, it was behind Bobrovsky in the crease and starting to trickle in. Vinny Propspal was the first to see the puck go in, and he couldn't quite believe it. I guess the only way you're going to beat Bobrovsky this season is with shots that he can't see.

The Blue Jackets, undeterred, came back to score the equalizer to send the game to overtime and then gain the second point when Fedor Tyutin scored the winner. The Blue Jackets took two points and moved two points clear of ninth-seeded Detroit in a playoff position, a key number since the Wings have one game in hand.

I'm not sure which is crazier, the goal that Steckel scored or that the Blue Jackets are ahead of the Red Wings with four games left in their season.

Then again, it wasn't the craziest goal that we saw this season -- I nominate this one. Heck, it might not have even been the craziest goal we saw on Wednesday night, thanks to Johan Franzen's backhander from center ice.

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