VIDEO: Family builds most detailed Oilers arena out of LEGO you'll see

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A fan of the Edmonton Oilers got tired of waiting to see if they'd get a new arena so he decided to make one himself. With LEGO, that is.

By now you've probably seen these creations before, fans making shrines to their favorites with the toys. But have you ever seen one with so much detail?

I mean, who thinks to build hallways, statues outside, advertisements on the boards, camera men, blue and orange versions of Vancouver's Green Men hanging over the penalty box and even bathrooms with guys at the urinal and on the toilet! Poor LEGO dudes are missing the Oilers hoisting the Cup at center ice.

It's the creation of Red Deer, Alberta resident Joel Cadieux and his family. It took them longer than they want to recall, but the end result is pretty spectacular. From the Red Deer Advocate:

Driven into the basement by a heat wave last year, they began work.

The roughly one-metre-by-1.5-metre arena is impressive. Constructed from -- at best guess somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 building blocks and other speciality parts -- the cross-section arena stands almost a metre high.

"I wanted to make it bigger but we ran out of Lego."

That's plenty big enough. But the family better get some enjoyment out of it now because pretty soon the arena will be demolished, like every other arena that comes to be.

"This is going to be ripped down and built into something different," Cadieux said. That's OK, just take the Gretzky statue with it.

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