VIDEO: Goalie gives up winner from opposite end while talking to fans

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Goalies some times give up some pretty embarrassing goals. Occasionally it happens because they flubbed a shot, or maybe they came out of the net and the puck took a funky bounce. Or maybe they misplayed the puck. Heck, we've even seen a goalie take the puck into his own net unknowingly.

In other words, there are plenty of ways to give up an embarrassing goal for netminders.

But Utah State University goalie Keagan McHenry found a whole new way to give up an embarrassing score. How? By not actually protecting the net, instead electing to talk to some fans in an ACHA (collegiate club) game.

With only 15 seconds left in overtime, Utah State was on the man advantage, giving the Aggies a 4-on-3. With the faceoff at the other end of the ice, McHenry apparently wasn't all that invested in the game at that point. Denver University defenseman Robert Biedron noticed and after the Pioneers won the faceoff, Biedron fired the puck the length of the ice into the open net as a desperate McHenry raced from the boards and made a diving attempt to no avail. The game was over.

Oh, the shame, that's as bad as it gets. There were literally only a few seconds left, the fans could have waited. I guess we'll chalk this one up to a freshman mistake.

Perhaps the only thing tougher than being the goalie who gave up the game-winner while schmoozing in the corner? Owning up to said mistake on Twitter.

You might be down but at least there's only one way to go from that.

S/t Puck Daddy

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