VIDEO: John Kerry gets case of Molson for U.S. women's victory

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Earlier this week, Amanda Kessel led the United States women's team to a world championship in Ottawa. As is typical in the women's game, the U.S. met Canada in the final and triumphed over its rivals on Canadian soil with a 3-2 win.

Like any good politicians would do, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry -- a Massachusetts man who is fond of the Bruins and hockey -- and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird had a gentleman's bet on the game. Since Kerry was on the winning side (Go USA!), he was the recipient of a case of Molson.

See, now that's a hockey bet with a Canadian, isn't it? Nothing would be a better payout for a hockey debt than a case of Molson. And to Baird's credit, he paid up. If you ask me, this is how all international conflicts should be handled. Just give them some beer.

If Canada had won, then Kerry would have, of course, given Baird a case of Sam Adams.

Kerry was sure to note that he wasn't going to drink the beer now, that there is work to be done at the moment. Afterward, though, he's going to enjoy that beer and I hope it looks something like this:

Canada celebrates Gold at the 2010 Olympics. (Getty Images)
Canada celebrates gold at the 2010 Olympics. (Getty Images)
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