VIDEO: Jordan Staal has zero puck luck as shot somehow stays out

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You hear all the time about puck luck in hockey; some guys have it, some don't. At least to start this season, Hurricanes center Jordan Staal doesn't have much of it.

At the tail end of the second period of Sunday's game at home against the Coyotes, Staal found himself with a lot of time and space in the slot and did what any player would; shoot. He beat goaltender Mike Smith on the play but the puck hit the bar, dropped and somehow stayed out despite appearing to be headed forward.

The crowd celebrated and even Smith seemed to hesitate for a second thinking he'd been beat for a goal. However the referee right there was on it, calling no goal from the onset, something that was indeed confirmed on replay.

The near-goal was a nice break for the Coyotes who were able to go into the final period at 3-3 and were then able to pull out a 5-3 win thanks in part to a pair of Rob Klinkhammer goals in the game (I just wanted an excuse to write his name).

So far Staal has had little puck luck whatsoever to speak of. He has no goals and just one assist through five games.

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