Video: Max Talbot 'shoots' puck out of the air with bow and arrow

If this video of Philadelphia Flyers forward Max Talbot shooting a hockey puck out of the air with a bow and arrow seems like one of those car commercials that features a jet landing on the bed of a pickup truck (in other words: faked) there's a good chance that's probably the case.

It's all part of a viral marketing campaign, along with an earlier video of him doing one-finger push-ups, for the upcoming release of the video game Assassins Creed III.

First, the Bow and Arrow...

And the original video that features Talbot (wearing the same hooded sweatshirt as in the video above) doing one-finger pushups in front of, conventiently enough, an Assassins Creed banner.

So there's all of that to occupy yourself for a few minutes and offer a distraction from the seemingly hopeless situation that is currently the NHL lockout.

We'll say this for Talbot: he's come a long way as an actor from his early days in Pittsburgh when he was awkwardly appearing in local car commercials.

(S/T 700 level, via PHT)

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