Video: NHLPA wishes you Happy Holidays

The NHL last week sent out a Happy Holidays note to its fans in what could only be described as a total lack of self awareness.

Not to be outdone, the players have done the same, just in video form.

Look! A Tim Thomas sighting!!

I'm not sure this has the same level of gall as the league doing it, but it doesn't seem to be a whole lot better. Right or not, the players (more specifically, their leadership) bear plenty of brunt for the lockout too, and it seems just a bit disingenuous. All along, though, the players have done a pretty good job of deflecting the majority of the blame to the owners and playing the "victim" card, so maybe that changes the optics of it a bit, at least for me.

At the same time, they (just like those at the NHL offices) are people, too, and can obviously wish you and yours the best ever Christmas and New Year's, even if it's frustrating. So take it for what it is, some well wishes, and nothing more.

H/t to Kuklas Korner

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