VIDEO: Philadelphia relentlessly boos Gary Bettman to open draft

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It's almost tradition that when NHL commissioner Gary Bettman takes the stage to open the draft, he's met with a sound chorus of boos. Philadelphia did not disappoint.

A full and loud Flyers crowd lived up to their reputation as being a relentless city by booing Bettman from the moment he walked on stage until he left. It was a solid two minutes or more of one nonstop boo. We wish there had been somebody from the Guiness Book of World Records on hand.

Over the years Bettman has become accustomed to the booing to the point that it almost feels like a game between him and the fans. Playing it up, Bettman opened with a snide remark about how he thought Philadelphia was the City of Brotherly Love. They still booed.

Serious props to the Philadelphia crowd for the commitment to the boo but by the end it was getting really uncomfortable.


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