VIDEO: Quick whistle wipes apparent Rangers goal off the board

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This has not been the best first round for the men in stripes these playoffs. Either that or with the spotlight amped up it's just more apparent.

The latest example of a highly questionable call came in the second periof of Sunday's Game 5 between the Rangers and Flyers. Up 1-0 at the time, the Rangers were on the power play when they appeared to score a goal. Appeared is the all-important word here.

John Moore's shot was slowed down by Steve Mason but one the Flyers goalie didn't actually corral. Instead the puck eeked its way through and sat in the crease behind him, Mason unaware of where the puck was. So was the referee.

The whistle was blown to call the play dead right before Martin St. Louis swiped the puck in the net. It's not a reviewable call so even after a quick discussion from the officials, the call of no-goal stood.

From where the referee was standing it definitely would have been hard to see the puck was free but that's part of the contention the Rangers could have, that the ref should have been in a little better position to see it.

The Rangers did get a couple more goals in the second period, clearly getting over the bad break to take a 3-1 lead into the third period.

Video via PHT

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