VIDEO: Referee takes skate to face, somehow avoids serious injury

Guardian Angel - Ref Takes Skate to Neck Area... by HockeyWebCast

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We get occasional reminders in hockey of how dangerous the game can be, particularly when it involves razor-sharp skates. There was a horrifying reminder from a Quebec league not that long ago.

There was nearly another such incident in a European Trophy contest, this one involving the referee and a high skate.

Check out the video above and you will see the ref enter the crease as there is a mad scramble just outside of the crease for the puck. It's at that point that a player loses his balance and ends up doing his best roundhouse kick on skates, catching the unsuspecting referee right near the neck.

Amazingly, the referee was spared serious injury, only getting what appeared to be a small cut on his chin that was bandaged up by a team doctor and he was able to continue. That was so close to being a terrible scene but thankfully all's well that ends well and this ended well.

S/t @HockeyWebCast

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