VIDEO: Ryan Getzlaf takes puck to face, 'probably going to be OK'

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Ryan Getzlaf does it all for the Anaheim Ducks. He's their best offensive player, he kills penalties, is their leader and he blocks shots. Sometimes the willingness to do the latter hurts. Literally.

The Ducks were holding on by a thread as the Stars cut the 4-0 Ducks lead down to 4-3 in the third period and were pushing hard with the empty net in the final minute. Tyler Seguin was playing up at the point and tried to one-time a bit of a bouncing puck that came his way. He got the shot off but it rose.

It would have hit hit off the glass had Getzlaf not intercepted the puck ... with his face (via @PeteBlackburn).

That could not have felt good. Getzlaf went to the bench and straight off the ice leaving his teammates to finish the final 16 seconds -- which they did.

Getzlaf is one of the players who elects to not wear a shield and in this case that probably would have been helpful. It's always so scary to see a puck come up and hit a guy in the face like that but it appeared as though it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

That's a huge relief for the Ducks. It doesn't sound like something that's going to keep Getzlaf off the ice, especially given it's the playoffs we're talking about. If he were to miss any time it would be a massive blow given all he means to the Ducks, just devastating.

On Wednesday night he had a goal and assist with four blocked shots and almost 21 minutes of ice time. This season he was second in the league with 87 points and will surely be a finalist for the Hart Trophy.

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