VIDEO: Switzerland fails to score on 2-on-0, empty-net breakaway

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There are few things in hockey surer than an empty-net goal on a breakaway. One of those things, though, is a 2-on-0 breakaway.

Switzerland proved on Tuesday that even that isn't a guaranteed goal.

Indeed, it's pretty tough to mess up a breakaway on an empty net but somehow the Swiss found a way to do it (insert joke about neutrality here).

It starts with a player (Reto Suri) trying to be unselfish, shuffling forward a pass for his teammate (Thomas Rufenact) to take the goal. It ends with the pass going too far and beyond the outstretched stick of the teammate and off the goal post. Oh, and it also ended in the announcers laughing, you can't forget the laughs.

The only things going into the net were Rufenact and the desperately backchecking Latvian defender Kristaps Sotnieks.

Now in the end it didn't really matter for Switzerland as they hung on to defeat Latvia 3-2 in the final round-robin game at the World Championships but let's just say that Suri and Rufenact will unfortunately be forever linked to Patrik Stefan, albeit with a significantly better ending.

S/t Puck Daddy

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