VIDEO: Teemu Selanne coming back to Ducks for final season

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Teemu Selanne has made his decision; he's coming back. For the last time.

LeBron James take note, this is how you make a "decision."

The veteran Ducks forward has been mulling over his options all summer but signs have been pointing toward him returning for another season. On Friday he gave confirmation after apparetly figuring out that he stinks at golfing. Considering every retired hockey player apparently turns to golf, he's not ready for retirement.

This video is just another reminder of how awesome Selanne is. I defy you to find me 10 hockey fans that dislike the guy. They don't exist, not even in Kings country right up I-5.

Now this will be it for Selanne as he says in the video he's coming back for one more season. No more summers of contemplation, this is the swan song for the 42-year-old star. My advice: check your local team's schedule and see when the Ducks are coming to town then buy a ticket. With the new alignment he will be visiting every single NHL arena next season so don't miss out.

As for the actual hockey implications for the Ducks, Eric Stephens of the O.C. Register says the one-year deal is for $2 million.

At this point it remains to be seen what kind of role Selanne will be in. He saw a diminished role last season under Bruce Boudreau as his playing time dipped to 15:42 per game last season when he had 12 goals and 12 assists in 46 games.

It was just two seasons ago that Selanne had 26 goals and 40 assists as one of the Ducks' most productive playes. It's a far cry from his 40-plus goal seasons but still very good production. He's likely to remain in a somewhat diminished role but it can't be that far down the depth chart as it was a concern for him.

But it doesn't matter now, all that matters is that the legend is back.

By the way if he can manage to score 25 goals this season he will hit the 700-goal mark for his career, something only six players have ever done in their careers.

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