VIDEO: Was this a slew-foot from Jeff Skinner on Patrice Bergeron?

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At the end of the Bruins' 5-3 win on Monday night in Carolina over the Hurricanes, Tyler Seguin was going up ice to score the insurance empty-netter, but what's more interesting is what was happening at the opposite end of the rink.

Patrice Bergeron, the mild-mannered Selke winner for the Bruins, started swinging away at Jeff Skinner. While we don't see this actually happening, Bruins announcer Jack Edwards got super excited about it, so you know it must have happened.

What on earth could prompt Bergeron of all people to hammer away on an opponent? The answer would seem to be simple: a slew-foot. It sure looks like that's how Skinner takes Bergeron down to the ice in the above video, with a subtle kick of Bergeron's skate, causing him to blow a tire and fall backward. That's enough to set off any hockey player.

If slew-foots and Skinner ring a bell with you, it's because he was warned for this infraction last season by the league. When you've had what appears to be two slew-foot incidents and you're only in your third season, you start to earn a reputation. Apparently, Skinner already has that.

Bruins forward Brad Marchand -- who is hardly seen as a saint from anybody himself -- told WEEI in Boston that this is nothing new for Skinner (via Puck Daddy):

"Skinner slew-foots all the time," Marchand said Tuesday. "He's always doing that to guys and I think Bergy just had enough of it. We even spoke about it before the game in the room. The guys were talking about how much he slew foots and you've got to watch out for him. You can see it's very blatant. He kicks his legs out and throws him back."

At this point there has been no mention of any hearing for Skinner from the league, so it seems like this might go unnoticed and/or unpunished from the league.

My next question is will it go unpunished any further from the Bruins? Bergeron apparently got some retribution out right away, but will it be enough? Slew-foots aren't something players tend to forget and just let go. The Hurricanes will visit the Bruins on April 8.

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