WATCH: Cuba Gooding Jr. goes nuts after winning 'Shoot the Puck'

Cuba Gooding Jr., brought his unique brand of crazy back to the NHL. You may recall his, um… interesting presentation at the NHL Awards last June? Well this time he brought it to the ice.

Gooding Jr., a noted hockey fan who also plays the game in his free time, was in Chicago to film for a new TV show. He was invited to come down to the United Center for the Chicago Blackhawks preseason tilt against the Detroit Red Wings and as is often the case when celebrities come to town, he was asked to participate in the team’s “Shoot the Puck” game.

The rules are simple really. Each contestant gets three shots to put a puck into one of three slots in the net from center ice. So up steps the Academy Award winner to his spot on the carpet at center ice. His first attempt went wide left after he faked the slapshot. The next attempt nearly went in, but got rejected by the boarding. The last one, however, went right through.

Now, this is Cuba Gooding Jr., who as noted, has a unique brand of crazy. So sure enough, he just started stripping. Off came the jacket, and then the shirt. I mean, how else do you celebrate winning a preseason intermission contest?

Never a dull moment in the Life of Cuba.

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