WWE champ CM Punk shoots around at Blackhawks game

Wrestlemania is a little more than a week away and at this time you usually see the WWE champion taking a media tour, promoting the "biggest spectacle in sports entertainment." So if that's what the champ CM Punk was doing on Wednesday, well that's a pretty sweet media tour.

Punk, who hails from Chicago, had the opportunity to come onto the ice and take part in the classic intermission game of shooting from center ice, sporting a red Blackhawks sweater -- still the best in sports for my money -- all the while.

A lifelong Blackhawks fan, he said that he did "dabble" in hockey growing up but ran into a common problem, he couldn't skate. But surprise, surprise, he was good at fighting. No word how many of those fights involved real punches.

In case you were curious, Punk will defend his championship at Wrestlemania against Chris Jericho.

This is where I remind you this is a blog and not everything is serious or hard-line news. In the words of the Joker, Why so serious?

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