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By Brian Stubits and Adam Gretz

Power Rankings (Getty Images)  
Power Rankings (Getty Images)  
The 2012 NHL Homegrown Power Rankings by Adam Gretz and Brian Stubits.

Imagine an NHL without free agency or trades, that once a player is drafted with a team he stays with that team for his entire career. What would the rosters look like? We at Eye on Hockey will take a look at the Home-Grown Teams of all 30 franchises -- three lines, two defensive pairs and two goaltenders. Three lines and two D pairs because this doesn't include undrafted free agents, only drafted players. We want to see who has drafted the best.

NHL Homegrown Power Rankings
1. Pittsburgh Penguins
It's easy to say the Penguins got lucky by winning the post-lockout lottery and earning the right to draft Sidney Crosby but the Penguins have also drafted Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. Read more>>>
2. San Jose Sharks
The Sharks have been a playoff team year in, year out for a long time now and like most good teams that's a sign of some good drafting through the years. Read more>>>
3. Los Angeles Kings
The Kings finally put all the potential together last season and won the first Stanley Cup in franchise history based largely on the strength of their drafts. They could make almost two whole quality teams in this fictional world. Read more>>>
4. Detroit Red Wings
The Red Wings didn't own a first-round pick in the '02 draft and didn't pick until No. 58 overall but still produced three straight NHL regulars in Hudler, Fleischmann and Filppula. Read more>>>
5. Chicago Blackhawks
The picks of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane helped boost the Blackhawks to a Stanley Cup and have positioned the franchise in a great spot for the next five or six years. Read more>>>
6. Philadelphia Flyers
Few teams have drafted as many quality forwards in recent years as the Flyers. They also like to trade a lot of them including Jeff Carter, Patrick Sharp and Mike Richards. Read more>>>
7. Ottawa Senators
The Senators top line of Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza and Marion Hossa might be the best homegrown first line. Add in defenseman Eric Karlsson and it's quite a team. Read more>>>
8. Boston Bruins
Actually, Boston might have one of the deeper group of forwards of any team in the NHL during this series, and this one is no joke. Joe Thornton spent parts of eight seasons in Boston to start his career after being the No. 1 overall pick in 1997. Read more>>>
9. Anaheim Ducks
Anaheim has had some small struggles in recent seasons, using a late push two years ago to reach the postseason and then struggling to one of the worst records in the NHL last season. But had they been able to keep the draft classes together, something tells us that wouldn't have been the case. Read more>>>
10. Dallas Stars
The Stars are one of those teams that can put together a strong line of "the guys who got away," including Penguins star James Neal Read more>>>
11. Washington Capitals
The Washington Capitals have been one of the top teams in recent years in the NHL on the strength of their Core Four. In this world they will be one of the very best too. Read more>>>
12. New York Rangers
The Rangers have spent a lot of money in free agency over the years, but they've done a pretty good job developing their own players within the organization, especially when it comes to some of the forward spots. Read more>>>
13. Colorado Avalanche
Whether it was in Quebec as the Nordiques or Colorado, the Avalanche have done a solid job drafting over the years. The problem has been keeping those guys around, especially on defense. Read more>>>
14. Vancouver Canucks
Maybe the greatest move in Canucks franchise history was Brian Burke's deals to get the Sedin twins at No. 2 and No. 3 in the 1999 draft. More or less since then they have been drafting much later. Read more>>>
15. New Jersey Devils
Brodeur is obviously the legend and the Hall of Famer, but if I had him and Scott Clemmensen on my team this season, right now, I think I would be tempted to go with him, even with Brodeur coming off a really strong playoff run. Read more>>>
16. Nashville Predators
Ryan Suter and Shea Weber formed the foundation of the Nashville defense for a number of years until this offseason when Suter left for Minnesota in free agency. Read more>>>
17. Montreal Canadiens
A solid group of players but a lineup without a superstar player in it. PK Subban and Carey Price help solidify the defense for Montreal. Read more>>>
18. St. Louis Blues
The Blues organization has produced a lot of young talent over the years (and it all started to come into its own last year). Read more>>>
19. Carolina Hurricanes
The Carolina Hurricanes have had the same general manager for almost two decades in Jim Rutherford, making the team's draft picks. Read more>>>
20. Edmonton Oilers
The Oilers have a nice blend of young and old thanks to their strong selections every time they find themselves near the top of the picking pecking order, particularly of late. Read more>>>
21. New York Islanders
The Islanders have a great young franchise player in John Tavares to build around, and if he continues on his current path that six-year contract extension he signed is going to be a steal before it runs out. Read more>>>
22. Buffalo Sabres
It's not that the Sabres group is horrible as a whole but the only name that jumps out is goalie Ryan Miller. Read more>>>
23. Phoenix Coyotes
You'd think that a franchise that has had success on a shoestring budget would have done it mostly from within the system and building its own prospects. You'd think that, anyway. Read more>>>
24. Winnipeg Jets
There is probably no franchise more excited at keeping its prospects than the Jets/Thrashers. Over the years they had to watch some of their best players be shipped out of town. Not now. Read more>>>
25. Tampa Bay Lightning
The Tampa Bay Lightning have ebbed and flowed more viciously than a tide at full moon over the past decade, giving them really high spots in the draft and really low spots. That disparity shows. Read more>>>
26. Minnesota Wild
The wild are the youngest team in the NHL, along with their expansion brothers in Columbus, so you aren't going to have a team with gray-haired veterans. Whether that's a good or bad thing is yet to be seen.Read more>>>
27. Florida Panthers
The Florida Panthers have a decade's worth of high draft picks to put together what you would think is an elite roster. Well, that's what you'd think. Read more>>>
28. Toronto Maple Leafs
The Maple Leafs forwards aren't horrible but they haven't drafted a superstar scorer in a long time. The defensive pairing of Luke Schenn and Thomas Kaberle is above average. Read more>>>
29. Columbus Blue Jackets
Sure, the Blue Jackets made a good decision taking Rick Nash with their first ever draft pick as a franchise but the depth is pretty thin after that. Goalie Steve Mason had a good start to his NHL career but it's been downhill from there. Read more>>>
30. Calgary Flames
The Calgary Flames are just a wee bit thin when it comes to home-grown talent. How thin? Consider the last time they drafted a player who has scored more than 120 -- only 120! -- goals in his career was in 1993 when they took German Titov in the 10th round. Read more>>>

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