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DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Sep 17@LA Lost 2-40-1-0  
Sep 21SJ Lost 1-2 (OT)0-1-1  
Sep 23PHO Won 5-31-1-1  
Sep 24@VAN Won 4-22-1-1  
Sep 25@SJ Lost 5-62-2-1  
Sep 28VAN Lost 1-32-3-1  
Sep 30LA Won 5-43-3-1  
Oct 1@PHO Lost 3-4 (OT)3-3-2  12,629
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Oct 5@CHI Won 5-31-0-0  16,533
Oct 8@NSH Lost 2-3 (OT)1-0-1Tomas VokounJean-Sebastien Giguere16,279
Oct 10EDM Lost 2-41-1-1Jussi MarkkanenJean-Sebastien Giguere17,174
Oct 14CLB Won 4-32-1-1Jean-Sebastien GiguerePascal Leclaire12,930
Oct 16@MIN Lost 1-42-2-1Manny FernandezJean-Sebastien Giguere18,568
Oct 19@STL Lost 2-32-3-1Patrick LalimeIlya Bryzgalov10,882
Oct 21@DET Lost 2-32-4-1Manny LegaceIlya Bryzgalov20,066
Oct 23PHO Won 5-33-4-1Ilya BryzgalovCurtis Joseph13,733
Oct 25@LA Lost 1-33-5-1Jason LaBarberaIlya Bryzgalov18,118
Oct 26CGY Won 4-14-5-1Jean-Sebastien GiguereMiikka Kiprusoff11,774
Oct 28STL Won 6-45-5-1Jean-Sebastien GiguereReinhard Divis12,510
Oct 30PHO Won 3-26-5-1Jean-Sebastien GiguereDavid Leneveu12,956
Nov 1NSH Won 4-17-5-1Jean-Sebastien GiguereTomas Vokoun11,690
Nov 3@COL Lost 3-47-6-1David AebischerIlya Bryzgalov18,007
Nov 4SJ Lost 0-1 (OT)7-6-2Nolan SchaeferJean-Sebastien Giguere12,546
Nov 6MIN Lost 3-4 (OT)7-6-3Manny FernandezJean-Sebastien Giguere14,053
Nov 12@PHO Lost 1-2 (OT)7-6-4Curtis JosephJean-Sebastien Giguere16,358
Nov 13DAL Lost 1-37-7-4Marty TurcoJean-Sebastien Giguere14,018
Nov 16DAL Lost 2-47-8-4Marty TurcoIlya Bryzgalov12,189
Nov 18COL Lost 2-37-9-4Peter BudajIlya Bryzgalov15,614
Nov 20VAN Lost 2-37-10-4Dan CloutierIlya Bryzgalov14,149
Nov 22@PHO Won 2-18-10-4Ilya BryzgalovCurtis Joseph13,696
Nov 23@DAL Lost 1-38-11-4Marty TurcoIlya Bryzgalov18,532
Nov 25DET Won 3-19-11-4Ilya BryzgalovChris Osgood17,174
Nov 27CHI Won 3-110-11-4Ilya BryzgalovNikolai Khabibulin13,078
Nov 30PHO Won 6-111-11-4Ilya BryzgalovDavid Leneveu12,050
Dec 3ATL Won 2-112-11-4Ilya BryzgalovMichael Garnett14,532
Dec 6CAR Lost 2-612-12-4Martin GerberIlya Bryzgalov13,045
Dec 8@BUF Lost 2-3 (OT)12-12-5Martin BironJean-Sebastien Giguere12,504
Dec 10@MON Won 5-313-12-5Jean-Sebastien GiguereJose Theodore21,273
Dec 12@TOR Lost 2-313-13-5Mikael TellqvistJean-Sebastien Giguere19,401
Dec 14TB Won 4-214-13-5Jean-Sebastien GiguereJohn Grahame12,286
Dec 16LA Lost 3-4 (OT)14-13-6Mathieu GaronJean-Sebastien Giguere17,174
Dec 18SJ Won 5-415-13-6Jean-Sebastien GiguereEvgeni Nabokov16,297
Dec 20@SJ Lost 2-415-14-6Evgeni NabokovJean-Sebastien Giguere16,172
Dec 21STL Won 6-316-14-6Jean-Sebastien GiguereReinhard Divis13,381
Dec 28@CLB Lost 0-116-15-6Marc DenisJean-Sebastien Giguere17,387
Dec 31@STL Won 5-4 (OT)17-15-6Jean-Sebastien GiguereCurtis Sanford13,286
Jan 1@NSH Won 4-218-15-6Ilya BryzgalovTomas Vokoun17,113
Jan 6@DAL Lost 3-4 (OT)18-15-7Johan HedbergJean-Sebastien Giguere18,532
Jan 7@MIN Lost 1-418-16-7Manny FernandezIlya Bryzgalov
Jan 9LA Won 6-219-16-7Jean-Sebastien GiguereMathieu Garon
Jan 13WAS Lost 2-3 (OT)19-16-8Brent JohnsonJean-Sebastien Giguere16,186
Jan 16@BOS Lost 3-4 (OT)19-16-9Tim ThomasIlya Bryzgalov
Jan 19@OTT Won 4-3 (OT)20-16-9Jean-Sebastien GiguereDominik Hasek
Jan 21FLA Won 1-021-16-9Jean-Sebastien GiguereRoberto Luongo
Jan 23@LA Lost 2-3 (OT)21-16-10Mathieu GaronJean-Sebastien Giguere18,118
Jan 25EDM Lost 3-621-17-10Jussi MarkkanenJean-Sebastien Giguere
Jan 26@SJ Won 2-022-17-10Ilya BryzgalovEvgeni Nabokov16,174
Jan 28@LA Won 6-223-17-10Ilya BryzgalovMathieu Garon
Jan 30LA Won 4-3 (OT)24-17-10Ilya BryzgalovMathieu Garon
Feb 1SJ Lost 4-624-18-10Evgeni NabokovIlya Bryzgalov
Feb 4@SJ Won 2-025-18-10Jean-Sebastien GiguereEvgeni Nabokov
Feb 6@EDM Lost 5-6 (OT)25-18-11Mike MorrisonJean-Sebastien Giguere
Feb 8@CGY Lost 1-325-19-11Miikka KiprusoffJean-Sebastien Giguere
Feb 10@VAN Won 3-126-19-11  
Feb 12CHI Won 4-127-19-11Jean-Sebastien GiguereAdam Munro
Mar 1DET Lost 0-227-20-11Chris OsgoodJean-Sebastien Giguere
Mar 3MIN Won 4-228-20-11Jean-Sebastien GiguereDwayne Roloson17,048
Mar 5CLB Lost 2-3 (OT)28-20-12Pascal LeclaireJean-Sebastien Giguere16,124
Mar 7SJ Won 5-4 (OT)29-20-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereEvgeni Nabokov
Mar 11@PHO Won 5-330-20-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereCurtis Joseph17,799
Mar 12PHO Won 5-231-20-12Ilya BryzgalovPhilippe Sauve
Mar 15@DET Lost 1-331-21-12Chris OsgoodJean-Sebastien Giguere
Mar 17@CHI Won 2-132-21-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereNikolai Khabibulin
Mar 19@CLB Won 4-333-21-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereMarc Denis
Mar 20@DAL Won 2-134-21-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereMarty Turco18,150
Mar 22COL Won 5-4 (OT)35-21-12Ilya BryzgalovPeter Budaj15,623
Mar 24NSH Won 6-336-21-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereTomas Vokoun
Mar 25@PHO Won 5-237-21-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereDavid Leneveu17,605
Mar 28@COL Lost 3-437-22-12Peter BudajJean-Sebastien Giguere
Mar 29@DAL Lost 1-237-23-12Marty TurcoJean-Sebastien Giguere
Mar 31DAL Won 5-4 (OT)38-23-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereMarty Turco
Apr 2VAN Won 6-239-23-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereAlex Auld
Apr 4LA Won 6-240-23-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereMathieu Garon
Apr 6DAL Lost 3-540-24-12Marty TurcoJean-Sebastien Giguere
Apr 8@LA Won 4-241-24-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereMathieu Garon
Apr 10@VAN Won 4-242-24-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereAlex Auld
Apr 11@CGY Lost 0-342-25-12Miikka KiprusoffIlya Bryzgalov
Apr 13@EDM Lost 1-242-26-12Dwayne RolosonJean-Sebastien Giguere
Apr 15@SJ Lost 3-642-27-12Vesa ToskalaJean-Sebastien Giguere
Apr 17CGY Won 4-343-27-12Jean-Sebastien GiguereBrian Boucher

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