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DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Sep 20@TOR Lost 0-50-1-0  
Sep 21@PIT Won 5-4 (OT)1-1-0  
Sep 23NYI Lost 1-21-2-0  
Sep 24@NYI Won 6-22-2-0  
Sep 25@NYR Lost 2-52-3-0  
Sep 27@MON Lost 3-4 (OT)2-3-1  
Sep 28MON Won 5-2 (OT)3-3-1  
Oct 1NYR Won 5-24-3-1  12,434
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Oct 5MON Lost 1-20-1-0  17,565
Oct 7@BUF Lost 1-40-2-0  13,771
Oct 8@PIT Won 7-6 (OT)1-2-0Hannu ToivonenSebastien Caron17,132
Oct 10@TB Won 4-22-2-0Andrew RaycroftJohn Grahame20,032
Oct 13@FLA Won 5-23-2-0Andrew RaycroftRoberto Luongo15,617
Oct 15@OTT Lost 1-53-3-0Dominik HasekAndrew Raycroft19,379
Oct 18@MON Lost 3-43-4-0Jose TheodoreAndrew Raycroft21,273
Oct 20BUF Lost 3-43-5-0Ryan MillerHannu Toivonen14,525
Oct 22PIT Won 6-34-5-0Andrew RaycroftJocelyn Thibault17,565
Oct 24@TOR Lost 4-5 (OT)4-5-1Ed BelfourAndrew Raycroft19,383
Oct 26@CAR Lost 3-4 (OT)4-5-2Martin GerberAndrew Raycroft13,098
Oct 27TOR Won 2-15-5-2Hannu ToivonenMikael Tellqvist15,917
Oct 29NJ Lost 4-5 (OT)5-5-3Scott ClemmensenHannu Toivonen17,565
Nov 1@NYI Lost 3-4 (OT)5-5-4Garth SnowHannu Toivonen10,634
Nov 3FLA Won 4-16-5-4Hannu ToivonenRoberto Luongo15,102
Nov 5PIT Won 6-37-5-4Hannu ToivonenJocelyn Thibault17,565
Nov 8@PHI Lost 3-4 (OT)7-5-5Robert EscheHannu Toivonen19,587
Nov 10OTT Lost 2-57-6-5Dominik HasekAndrew Raycroft17,159
Nov 12@NYI Lost 2-57-7-5Rick DiPietroAndrew Raycroft15,228
Nov 17TOR Lost 1-47-8-5Mikael TellqvistAndrew Raycroft17,257
Nov 19BUF Lost 2-37-9-5Mika NoronenAndrew Raycroft17,565
Nov 20@NYR Lost 2-37-10-5Henrik LundqvistHannu Toivonen18,200
Nov 23@TOR Won 5-18-10-5Andrew RaycroftEd Belfour19,403
Nov 25PHI Lost 3-58-11-5Antero NiittymakiAndrew Raycroft17,565
Nov 26@OTT Lost 2-48-12-5Dominik HasekAndrew Raycroft19,691
Nov 29@NJ Lost 2-38-13-5Martin BrodeurAndrew Raycroft14,482
Dec 1OTT Won 3-09-13-5Hannu ToivonenDominik Hasek15,639
Dec 3@EDM Won 5-4 (OT)10-13-5Hannu ToivonenJussi Markkanen16,839
Dec 4@VAN Lost 2-510-14-5Alex AuldHannu Toivonen18,630
Dec 7@COL Lost 1-410-15-5Vitaly KolesnikAndrew Raycroft18,007
Dec 11PHO Lost 1-2 (OT)10-15-6Curtis JosephHannu Toivonen16,544
Dec 15@MIN Won 3-211-15-6Andrew RaycroftManny Fernandez18,568
Dec 17@CGY Lost 0-311-16-6Miikka KiprusoffAndrew Raycroft19,289
Dec 22TOR Won 4-112-16-6Hannu ToivonenMikael Tellqvist17,565
Dec 23@TOR Lost 1-212-17-6Ed BelfourHannu Toivonen19,410
Dec 27@WAS Won 4-3 (OT)13-17-6Hannu ToivonenOlaf Kolzig14,871
Dec 28@FLA Lost 4-613-18-6Roberto LuongoAndrew Raycroft18,904
Dec 30@TB Won 2-114-18-6Hannu ToivonenSean Burke21,524
Jan 2PHI Lost 0-114-19-6Antero NiittymakiHannu Toivonen
Jan 5OTT Won 4-215-19-6Andrew RaycroftDominik Hasek15,481
Jan 7TB Won 6-316-19-6Andrew RaycroftJohn Grahame
Jan 10SJ Lost 2-616-20-6Evgeni NabokovAndrew Raycroft
Jan 12LA Lost 0-616-21-6Mathieu GaronAndrew Raycroft13,766
Jan 14DAL Lost 1-2 (OT)16-21-7Marty TurcoTim Thomas16,696
Jan 16ANA Won 4-3 (OT)17-21-7Tim ThomasIlya Bryzgalov
Jan 19@PHI Won 5-218-21-7Tim ThomasAntero Niittymaki19,618
Jan 21NYR Lost 2-3 (OT)18-21-8Henrik LundqvistTim Thomas
Jan 23@WAS Won 3-219-21-8Tim ThomasBrent Johnson
Jan 24@ATL Won 3-220-21-8Tim ThomasKari Lehtonen
Jan 26WAS Won 3-221-21-8Tim ThomasBrent Johnson
Jan 28NYI Lost 3-421-22-8Rick DiPietroTim Thomas
Jan 30@OTT Won 5-022-22-8Tim ThomasRay Emery
Feb 2MON Won 3-123-22-8Tim ThomasCristobal Huet17,565
Feb 4@MON Lost 0-223-23-8Cristobal HuetTim Thomas21,273
Feb 5CAR Lost 3-4 (OT)23-23-9Martin GerberTim Thomas
Feb 8@PIT Won 3-124-23-9Tim ThomasMarc-Andre Fleury
Feb 9NJ Lost 2-3 (OT)24-23-10Martin BrodeurTim Thomas
Feb 11TB Lost 5-624-24-10John GrahameTim Thomas
Mar 1@CAR Lost 3-424-25-10Cam WardTim Thomas
Mar 2ATL Won 3-225-25-10Andrew RaycroftKari Lehtonen16,009
Mar 4BUF Lost 2-325-26-10Martin BironAndrew Raycroft
Mar 7@BUF Lost 2-325-27-10Ryan MillerTim Thomas
Mar 9MON Lost 0-325-28-10Cristobal HuetTim Thomas
Mar 11NYI Lost 1-325-29-10Rick DiPietroTim Thomas
Mar 12@BUF Lost 2-625-30-10Martin BironAndrew Raycroft
Mar 14@TOR Lost 4-5 (OT)25-30-11Mikael TellqvistTim Thomas
Mar 16OTT Won 3-2 (OT)26-30-11Tim ThomasRay Emery
Mar 18CAR Won 4-227-30-11Tim ThomasCam Ward
Mar 20@NYR Lost 2-527-31-11Henrik LundqvistTim Thomas
Mar 21ATL Lost 4-5 (OT)27-31-12Kari LehtonenTim Thomas
Mar 24@NJ Lost 2-427-32-12Scott ClemmensenAndrew Raycroft19,040
Mar 25BUF Won 5-428-32-12Tim ThomasRyan Miller
Mar 27FLA Lost 3-4 (OT)28-32-13Roberto LuongoTim Thomas
Mar 29@BUF Lost 3-428-33-13Ryan MillerTim Thomas16,261
Apr 1@MON Lost 0-228-34-13Cristobal HuetTim Thomas21,273
Apr 4@MON Lost 3-528-35-13Cristobal HuetTim Thomas
Apr 6TOR Won 3-2 (OT)29-35-13Tim ThomasJean-Sebastien Aubin13,260
Apr 8NYR Lost 3-4 (OT)29-35-14Kevin WeekesTim Thomas17,565
Apr 10WAS Lost 1-2 (OT)29-35-15Olaf KolzigTim Thomas
Apr 11@OTT Lost 3-4 (OT)29-35-16Mike MorrisonTim Thomas
Apr 13MON Lost 3-429-36-16David AebischerTim Thomas17,565
Apr 15@ATL Lost 3-429-37-16Mike DunhamTim Thomas

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