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DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Sep 17FLA Won 3-11-0-0Brent KrahnEd Belfour19,289
Sep 19VAN Won 3-12-0-0Curtis McElhinneyDrew MacIntyre19,289
Sep 21EDM Lost 3-4 (OT)2-0-1Jussi MarkkanenBrent Krahn19,289
Sep 23@EDM Won 2-13-0-1Jamie McLennanDevan Dubnyk16,839
Sep 27SJ Lost 3-63-1-1Evgeni NabokovMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Sep 29@VAN Lost 2-33-2-1Roberto LuongoMiikka Kiprusoff18,630
Sep 30@SJ Lost 1-53-3-1Vesa ToskalaJamie McLennan14,421
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Oct 5@EDM Lost 1-30-1-0Dwayne RolosonMiikka Kiprusoff16,839
Oct 7EDM Won 2-11-1-0Miikka KiprusoffDwayne Roloson19,289
Oct 9SJ Lost 1-41-2-0Vesa ToskalaMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Oct 12@OTT Won 1-02-2-0Miikka KiprusoffRay Emery18,404
Oct 14@TOR Lost 4-5 (OT)2-2-1Andrew RaycroftMiikka Kiprusoff19,338
Oct 17@MON Lost 4-52-3-1Cristobal HuetMiikka Kiprusoff21,273
Oct 19@BOS Lost 2-32-4-1Hannu ToivonenMiikka Kiprusoff17,565
Oct 24PHO Won 6-13-4-1Miikka KiprusoffMike Morrison19,289
Oct 28NSH Lost 2-33-5-1Tomas VokounMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Oct 30WAS Lost 2-43-6-1Olaf KolzigMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Nov 1@DET Lost 2-33-7-1Dominik HasekMiikka Kiprusoff20,066
Nov 3@CLB Lost 4-5 (OT)3-7-2Pascal LeclaireJamie McLennan16,103
Nov 4@STL Won 3-24-7-2Miikka KiprusoffManny Legace12,097
Nov 7DAL Won 3-15-7-2Miikka KiprusoffMarty Turco19,289
Nov 10ANA Won 3-06-7-2Miikka KiprusoffIlya Bryzgalov19,289
Nov 11@VAN Won 3-27-7-2Miikka KiprusoffRoberto Luongo18,630
Nov 14STL Won 3-08-7-2Miikka KiprusoffCurtis Sanford19,289
Nov 17DET Won 4-19-7-2Miikka KiprusoffDominik Hasek19,289
Nov 21@EDM Lost 1-29-8-2Dwayne RolosonMiikka Kiprusoff16,839
Nov 22CHI Won 4-110-8-2Miikka KiprusoffNikolai Khabibulin19,289
Nov 25@LA Lost 1-310-9-2Mathieu GaronMiikka Kiprusoff17,043
Nov 26@ANA Lost 3-510-10-2Michael WallJamie McLennan17,174
Nov 28COL Won 5-211-10-2Miikka KiprusoffJose Theodore19,289
Dec 1CLB Won 2-112-10-2Miikka KiprusoffPascal Leclaire19,289
Dec 5CAR Won 3-013-10-2Miikka KiprusoffJohn Grahame19,289
Dec 7@MIN Lost 2-3 (OT)13-10-3Manny FernandezMiikka Kiprusoff18,568
Dec 9VAN Won 5-314-10-3Miikka KiprusoffRoberto Luongo19,289
Dec 12MIN Won 5-215-10-3Miikka KiprusoffManny Fernandez19,289
Dec 14@VAN Lost 1-315-11-3Roberto LuongoMiikka Kiprusoff18,630
Dec 16@PHO Won 6-316-11-3Miikka KiprusoffMikael Tellqvist15,551
Dec 18@ANA Lost 1-416-12-3Jean-Sebastien GiguereMiikka Kiprusoff17,174
Dec 19@LA Won 5-317-12-3Jamie McLennanDan Cloutier17,247
Dec 21@COL 9:00 PM   
Dec 23@SJ Lost 1-417-13-3Evgeni NabokovMiikka Kiprusoff17,496
Dec 26VAN Lost 1-317-14-3Roberto LuongoMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Dec 27@VAN Lost 5-6 (OT)17-14-4Roberto LuongoMiikka Kiprusoff18,630
Dec 29LA Won 6-418-14-4Miikka KiprusoffBarry Brust19,289
Dec 31EDM Won 4-219-14-4Miikka KiprusoffDwayne Roloson19,289
Jan 2VAN Lost 2-319-15-4Roberto LuongoMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Jan 4FLA Won 5-4 (OT)20-15-4Jamie McLennanAlex Auld19,289
Jan 6DAL Won 4-221-15-4Miikka KiprusoffMarty Turco19,289
Jan 9MIN Won 3-022-15-4Miikka KiprusoffNiklas Backstrom19,289
Jan 11@COL Won 7-323-15-4Miikka KiprusoffPeter Budaj18,007
Jan 13EDM Won 3-124-15-4Miikka KiprusoffDwayne Roloson19,289
Jan 15@NSH Lost 3-524-16-4Tomas VokounMiikka Kiprusoff12,011
Jan 17@DAL Lost 2-424-17-4Marty TurcoMiikka Kiprusoff18,532
Jan 19ANA Won 3-225-17-4Miikka KiprusoffIlya Bryzgalov19,289
Jan 20@EDM Won 4-026-17-4Miikka KiprusoffDwayne Roloson16,839
Jan 26@MIN Lost 1-2 (OT)26-17-5Niklas BackstromMiikka Kiprusoff15,568
Jan 28@CHI Lost 3-4 (OT)26-17-6Nikolai KhabibulinMiikka Kiprusoff11,182
Jan 30LA Won 4-127-17-6Miikka KiprusoffSean Burke19,289
Feb 2CLB Won 6-228-17-6Miikka KiprusoffTy Conklin19,289
Feb 3VAN Won 4-329-17-6Miikka KiprusoffRoberto Luongo19,289
Feb 6CHI Lost 2-3 (OT)29-17-7Nikolai KhabibulinMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Feb 8@CLB Lost 1-229-18-7Fredrik NorrenaJamie McLennan15,739
Feb 10@BUF Lost 2-3 (OT)29-18-8Ryan MillerMiikka Kiprusoff18,690
Feb 11@DET Lost 4-729-19-8Joey MacDonaldJamie McLennan20,066
Feb 13ATL Won 4-130-19-8Miikka KiprusoffKari Lehtonen19,289
Feb 15COL Lost 5-730-20-8Jose TheodoreMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Feb 17COL Won 5-231-20-8Miikka KiprusoffPeter Budaj19,289
Feb 20@COL Lost 3-431-21-8Peter BudajMiikka Kiprusoff17,623
Feb 22@PHO Lost 2-3 (OT)31-21-9Mikael TellqvistMiikka Kiprusoff15,805
Feb 24SJ Won 7-432-21-9Miikka KiprusoffEvgeni Nabokov19,289
Feb 26PHO Won 5-233-21-9Jamie McLennanMikael Tellqvist19,289
Feb 28MIN Won 2-1 (OT)34-21-9Miikka KiprusoffJosh Harding19,289
Mar 3@EDM Won 4-235-21-9Miikka KiprusoffDwayne Roloson16,839
Mar 6@STL Won 4-236-21-9Miikka KiprusoffCurtis Sanford12,166
Mar 8@NSH Lost 3-636-22-9Chris MasonMiikka Kiprusoff15,515
Mar 10TB Lost 2-3 (OT)36-22-10Marc DenisMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Mar 12STL Won 5-4 (OT)37-22-10Miikka KiprusoffJason Bacashihua19,289
Mar 14@COL Lost 2-337-23-10Peter BudajMiikka Kiprusoff17,426
Mar 15@DAL Lost 2-437-24-10Marty TurcoJamie McLennan18,532
Mar 17MIN Lost 2-437-25-10Niklas BackstromMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Mar 20DET Won 2-138-25-10Miikka KiprusoffDominik Hasek19,289
Mar 22NSH Won 3-2 (OT)39-25-10Miikka KiprusoffChris Mason19,289
Mar 25@CHI Won 3-240-25-10  
Mar 27@MIN Won 1-0 (OT)41-25-10  
Mar 29@MIN Won 4-242-25-10  
Mar 31@VAN Won 3-243-25-10  
Apr 3COL Lost 3-443-26-10  
Apr 5@SJ Lost 3-443-27-10  
Apr 7EDM Lost 2-343-28-10  
Apr 8@COL Lost 3-643-29-10  
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Apr 12@DET Lost 1-40-1-0  
Apr 15@DET Lost 1-30-2-0  
Apr 17DET Won 3-21-2-0  
Apr 19DET Won 3-22-2-0  
Apr 21@DET Lost 1-52-3-0  
Apr 22DET Lost 1-2 (OT)2-3-1  

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