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Red Wings2.412.9215.57%
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DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Sep 19@MIN Lost 2-30-1-0Manny FernandezStefan Liv18,064
Sep 21COL Lost 2-3 (OT)0-1-1Tyler WeimanJoey MacDonald20,066
Sep 22TB Won 5-4 (OT)1-1-1Stefan LivJohan Holmqvist20,066
Sep 24FLA Won 4-22-1-1Dominik HasekEd Belfour20,066
Sep 25@COL Lost 4-5 (OT)2-1-2Jose TheodoreChris Osgood
Sep 27MIN Won 5-33-1-2Dominik HasekManny Fernandez20,066
Sep 28@TB Won 4-14-1-2Joey MacDonaldMarc Denis15,868
Sep 30TOR Won 4-25-1-2Dominik HasekAndrew Raycroft20,066
Oct 1@TOR Won 3-2 (OT)6-1-2Chris OsgoodAndrew Raycroft18,868
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Oct 5VAN Lost 1-30-1-0Roberto LuongoDominik Hasek20,066
Oct 7@PIT Won 2-01-1-0Dominik HasekMarc-Andre Fleury15,318
Oct 11PHO Won 9-22-1-0Dominik HasekCurtis Joseph20,066
Oct 13BUF Lost 2-3 (OT)2-1-1Ryan MillerDominik Hasek20,066
Oct 16@LA Won 3-13-1-1Chris OsgoodDan Cloutier17,417
Oct 18@ANA Lost 1-43-2-1Jean-Sebastien GiguereDominik Hasek14,767
Oct 19@SJ Lost 1-53-3-1Vesa ToskalaChris Osgood17,496
Oct 21@EDM Lost 1-33-4-1Dwayne RolosonDominik Hasek16,839
Oct 25SJ Won 2-14-4-1Dominik HasekEvgeni Nabokov20,066
Oct 27@DAL Won 4-35-4-1Dominik HasekMarty Turco18,584
Oct 28@STL Won 3-26-4-1Chris OsgoodManny Legace12,700
Nov 1CGY Won 3-27-4-1Dominik HasekMiikka Kiprusoff20,066
Nov 2@CHI Won 2-18-4-1Chris OsgoodBrian Boucher15,174
Nov 4CLB Won 4-19-4-1Dominik HasekPascal Leclaire20,066
Nov 8EDM Won 3-010-4-1Dominik HasekDwayne Roloson20,066
Nov 10NSH Won 3-011-4-1Dominik HasekTomas Vokoun20,066
Nov 14@VAN Won 3-212-4-1Dominik HasekRoberto Luongo18,630
Nov 17@CGY Lost 1-412-5-1Miikka KiprusoffDominik Hasek19,289
Nov 18@EDM Lost 3-4 (OT)12-5-2Dwayne RolosonJoey MacDonald16,839
Nov 22VAN Lost 3-4 (OT)12-5-3Roberto LuongoDominik Hasek20,066
Nov 24STL Lost 2-3 (OT)12-5-4Manny LegaceDominik Hasek20,066
Nov 25@NSH Lost 2-612-6-4Chris MasonJoey MacDonald16,835
Nov 27DAL Won 2-113-6-4Dominik HasekMarty Turco20,066
Dec 1@MIN Won 3-014-6-4Dominik HasekManny Fernandez18,568
Dec 2SJ Lost 2-314-7-4Vesa ToskalaJoey MacDonald20,066
Dec 5@STL Won 5-115-7-4Dominik HasekManny Legace19,646
Dec 7STL Won 4-3 (OT)16-7-4Dominik HasekJason Bacashihua20,066
Dec 9TOR Won 5-117-7-4Dominik HasekAndrew Raycroft20,066
Dec 12OTT Lost 2-317-8-4Ray EmeryDominik Hasek20,066
Dec 14@CHI Won 3-218-8-4Dominik HasekNikolai Khabibulin15,130
Dec 16@NJ Won 2-119-8-4Dominik HasekMartin Brodeur15,078
Dec 18@CLB Lost 3-419-9-4Fredrik NorrenaChris Osgood17,046
Dec 20CLB Won 5-020-9-4Dominik HasekFredrik Norrena20,066
Dec 22MIN Won 3-121-9-4Dominik HasekManny Fernandez20,066
Dec 23@MIN Lost 2-3 (OT)21-9-5Manny FernandezChris Osgood18,568
Dec 27MIN Won 3-122-9-5Dominik HasekNiklas Backstrom20,066
Dec 28@CLB Won 7-423-9-5Chris OsgoodFredrik Norrena17,408
Dec 31LA Won 6-224-9-5Dominik HasekMathieu Garon20,066
Jan 2ANA Won 2-125-9-5Dominik HasekIlya Bryzgalov20,066
Jan 4@SJ Lost 4-925-10-5Vesa ToskalaDominik Hasek17,496
Jan 6@LA Lost 2-425-11-5Mathieu GaronChris Osgood18,118
Jan 7@ANA Lost 2-425-12-5Ilya BryzgalovDominik Hasek17,418
Jan 9@COL Won 4-3 (OT)26-12-5Dominik HasekPeter Budaj18,007
Jan 11@PHO Won 5-127-12-5Dominik HasekMikael Tellqvist14,386
Jan 13CHI Won 6-328-12-5Chris OsgoodNikolai Khabibulin20,066
Jan 15MON Won 2-029-12-5Dominik HasekDavid Aebischer20,066
Jan 17NSH Won 5-330-12-5Dominik HasekChris Mason20,066
Jan 19@CLB Lost 1-330-13-5Fredrik NorrenaDominik Hasek18,136
Jan 20@COL Lost 1-330-14-5Peter BudajJoey MacDonald18,007
Jan 26@STL Lost 1-2 (OT)30-14-6Manny LegaceChris Osgood16,427
Jan 28COL Won 3-131-14-6Dominik HasekJose Theodore20,066
Jan 30@NYI Won 4-3 (OT)32-14-6Dominik HasekRick DiPietro12,322
Feb 2STL Won 5-333-14-6Dominik HasekManny Legace20,066
Feb 5@NYR Won 4-334-14-6Dominik HasekHenrik Lundqvist
Feb 7PHO Won 4-235-14-6Dominik HasekCurtis Joseph20,066
Feb 8@STL Lost 0-135-15-6Manny LegaceJoey MacDonald11,285
Feb 11CGY Won 7-436-15-6Joey MacDonaldJamie McLennan20,066
Feb 12@PHI Lost 1-636-16-6Michael LeightonJoey MacDonald19,575
Feb 14@DAL Won 3-137-16-6Chris OsgoodMike Smith18,037
Feb 17@PHO Won 4-138-16-6Dominik HasekMikael Tellqvist16,940
Feb 21CHI Won 4-239-16-6Dominik HasekNikolai Khabibulin20,066
Feb 23EDM Lost 3-4 (OT)39-16-7Dwayne RolosonDominik Hasek20,066
Feb 24@NSH Lost 3-4 (OT)39-16-8Tomas VokounChris Osgood17,113
Feb 27@CHI Won 4-140-16-8Dominik HasekNikolai Khabibulin15,131
Mar 2CHI Won 6-241-16-8Chris OsgoodPatrick Lalime20,066
Mar 4COL Lost 3-4 (OT)41-16-9Peter BudajChris Osgood20,066
Mar 6NSH Won 4-3 (OT)42-16-9Chris OsgoodTomas Vokoun
Mar 9LA Won 3-2 (OT)43-16-9Dominik HasekSean Burke20,066
Mar 11BOS Lost 3-643-17-9Tim ThomasDominik Hasek20,066
Mar 13@NSH Won 5-244-17-9Chris OsgoodTomas Vokoun17,113
Mar 14NSH Won 4-245-17-9Dominik HasekChris Mason20,066
Mar 17@VAN Lost 1-445-18-9Roberto LuongoDominik Hasek18,630
Mar 20@CGY Lost 1-245-19-9Miikka KiprusoffDominik Hasek19,289
Mar 22CLB Lost 1-2 (OT)45-19-10Fredrik NorrenaChris Osgood20,066
Mar 24STL Lost 2-3 (OT)45-19-11  
Mar 26ANA Won 1-046-19-11  
Mar 29@NSH Won 2-147-19-11  
Mar 30DAL Lost 3-4 (OT)47-19-12  
Apr 1@CLB Won 4-148-19-12  
Apr 3CLB Won 3-049-19-12  
Apr 5@CHI Lost 2-3 (OT)49-19-13  
Apr 7CHI Won 7-250-19-13  
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Apr 12CGY Won 4-11-0-0  
Apr 15CGY Won 3-12-0-0  
Apr 17@CGY Lost 2-32-1-0  
Apr 19@CGY Lost 2-32-2-0  
Apr 21CGY Won 5-13-2-0  
Apr 22@CGY Won 2-1 (OT)4-2-0  
Apr 26SJ Lost 0-24-3-0  
Apr 28SJ Won 3-25-3-0Dominik HasekEvgeni Nabokov19,113
Apr 30@SJ Lost 1-25-4-0Evgeni NabokovDominik Hasek17,496
May 2@SJ Won 3-2 (OT)6-4-0Dominik HasekEvgeni Nabokov17,496
May 5SJ Won 4-17-4-0Dominik HasekEvgeni Nabokov19,937
May 7@SJ Won 2-08-4-0Dominik HasekEvgeni Nabokov17,496
May 11ANA Won 2-19-4-0Dominik HasekJean-Sebastien Giguere19,939
May 13ANA Lost 3-4 (OT)9-4-1Jean-Sebastien GiguereDominik Hasek19,620
May 15@ANA Won 5-010-4-1Dominik HasekJean-Sebastien Giguere17,358
May 17@ANA Lost 3-510-5-1Jean-Sebastien GiguereDominik Hasek17,375
May 20ANA Lost 1-2 (OT)10-5-2Jean-Sebastien GiguereDominik Hasek20,003
May 22@ANA Lost 3-410-6-2Jean-Sebastien GiguereDominik Hasek17,380

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