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DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendanceTickets
Sep 17FLA Won 3-21-0-0   
Sep 18OTT Won 2-12-0-0   
Sep 19@OTT Lost 1-62-1-0   
Sep 20@BOS Lost 1-22-2-0   
Sep 21PIT Won 4-33-2-0   
Sep 24BOS Lost 1-2 (SO)3-2-1   
Sep 26BUF Won 3-24-2-1   
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendanceTickets
Oct 1@TOR Won 4-3 (OT)1-0-0Carey PriceVesa Toskala19,617
Oct 3@BUF Won 2-1 (OT)2-0-0Carey PriceRyan Miller18,690
Oct 6@CGY Lost 3-42-1-0Miikka KiprusoffJaroslav Halak19,289
Oct 7@VAN Lost 1-72-2-0Roberto LuongoCarey Price18,810
Oct 10@EDM Lost 2-32-3-0Nikolai KhabibulinCarey Price16,839
Oct 15COL Lost 2-32-4-0Craig AndersonCarey Price21,273
Oct 17OTT Lost 1-32-5-0Pascal LeclaireCarey Price21,273
Oct 20ATL Won 2-1 (SO)3-5-0Jaroslav HalakOndrej Pavelec21,273
Oct 22NYI Won 5-14-5-0Jaroslav HalakMartin Biron21,273
Oct 24NYR Won 5-4 (OT)5-5-0Jaroslav HalakHenrik Lundqvist21,273
Oct 26NYI Won 3-2 (OT)6-5-0Jaroslav HalakMartin Biron21,273
Oct 28@PIT Lost 1-66-6-0Marc-Andre FleuryJaroslav Halak16,965
Oct 30@CHI Lost 2-36-7-0Cristobal HuetCarey Price20,807
Oct 31TOR Won 5-4 (SO)7-7-0Jaroslav HalakVesa Toskala21,273
Nov 3ATL Lost 4-57-8-0Ondrej PavelecCarey Price21,273
Nov 5@BOS Won 2-1 (SO)8-8-0Carey PriceTim Thomas17,565
Nov 7TB Lost 1-38-9-0Antero NiittymakiCarey Price21,273
Nov 10CGY Lost 0-18-10-0Miikka KiprusoffJaroslav Halak21,273
Nov 12@PHO Won 4-29-10-0Carey PriceIlya Bryzgalov10,064
Nov 14@NSH Lost 0-29-11-0Pekka RinneCarey Price15,604
Nov 17CAR Won 3-2 (SO)10-11-0Carey PriceManny Legace21,273
Nov 20@WAS Won 3-211-11-0Carey PriceMichal Neuvirth18,277
Nov 21DET Lost 2-3 (SO)11-11-1Jimmy HowardCarey Price21,273
Nov 24CLB Won 5-312-11-1Carey PriceMathieu Garon21,273
Nov 25@PIT Lost 1-312-12-1Marc-Andre FleuryCarey Price17,094
Nov 28WAS Lost 3-4 (SO)12-12-2Semyon VarlamovCarey Price21,273
Dec 1TOR Lost 0-312-13-2Jonas GustavssonCarey Price21,273
Dec 3@BUF Lost 2-612-14-2Ryan MillerJaroslav Halak18,690
Dec 4BOS Won 5-113-14-2Carey PriceTim Thomas21,273
Dec 7PHI Won 3-114-14-2Carey PriceBrian Boucher21,273
Dec 8@OTT Won 4-115-14-2Jaroslav HalakBrian Elliott18,866
Dec 10PIT Lost 2-315-15-2Marc-Andre FleuryCarey Price21,273
Dec 12@ATL Lost 3-4 (OT)15-15-3Johan HedbergCarey Price16,616
Dec 14BUF Lost 3-415-16-3Ryan MillerJaroslav Halak21,273
Dec 16@NJ Lost 1-215-17-3Martin BrodeurCarey Price12,178
Dec 17MIN Lost 1-315-18-3Niklas BackstromCarey Price21,273
Dec 19@NYI Won 3-016-18-3Jaroslav HalakMartin Biron7,842
Dec 21@ATL Won 4-3 (OT)17-18-3Jaroslav HalakJohan Hedberg15,075
Dec 23@CAR Won 5-118-18-3Jaroslav HalakCam Ward14,820
Dec 26@TOR Won 3-2 (OT)19-18-3Jaroslav HalakJonas Gustavsson19,250
Dec 28@OTT Lost 2-419-19-3Pascal LeclaireJaroslav Halak20,369
Dec 30@TB Won 2-1 (OT)20-19-3Carey PriceMike Smith18,441
Dec 31@FLA Won 5-421-19-3Jaroslav HalakTomas Vokoun19,851
Jan 3BUF Lost 0-121-20-3Ryan MillerCarey Price21,273
Jan 5@WAS Lost 2-421-21-3Michal NeuvirthCarey Price18,277
Jan 7FLA Won 2-022-21-3Jaroslav HalakTomas Vokoun21,273
Jan 9NJ Lost 1-2 (OT)22-21-4Martin BrodeurJaroslav Halak21,273
Jan 14DAL Won 5-323-21-4Carey PriceMarty Turco21,273
Jan 16OTT Lost 2-423-22-4Mike BrodeurCarey Price21,273
Jan 17@NYR Lost 2-623-23-4Henrik LundqvistJaroslav Halak18,200
Jan 20STL Lost 3-4 (OT)23-23-5Ty ConklinCarey Price21,273
Jan 22@NJ Won 3-124-23-5Jaroslav HalakMartin Brodeur17,625
Jan 23NYR Won 6-025-23-5Jaroslav HalakHenrik Lundqvist21,273
Jan 26@FLA Lost 1-225-24-5Tomas VokounJaroslav Halak17,104
Jan 27@TB Lost 0-325-25-5Antero NiittymakiCarey Price14,404
Jan 30@OTT Lost 2-3 (OT)25-25-6Brian ElliottJaroslav Halak20,500
Feb 2VAN Won 3-226-25-6Jaroslav HalakRoberto Luongo21,273
Feb 4@BOS Won 3-2 (SO)27-25-6Jaroslav HalakTuukka Rask17,565
Feb 6PIT Won 5-328-25-6Jaroslav HalakMarc-Andre Fleury21,273
Feb 7BOS Lost 0-328-26-6Tuukka RaskJaroslav Halak21,273
Feb 10WAS Won 6-5 (OT)29-26-6Carey PriceJose Theodore21,273
Feb 12@PHI Lost 2-329-27-6Michael LeightonCarey Price19,803
Feb 13PHI Lost 2-629-28-6Michael LeightonJaroslav Halak21,273
Mar 2@BOS Won 4-130-28-6Carey PriceTuukka Rask17,565
Mar 4@SJ Lost 2-330-29-6Evgeni NabokovCarey Price17,562
Mar 6@LA Won 4-231-29-6Jaroslav HalakJonathan Quick18,118
Mar 7@ANA Won 4-3 (SO)32-29-6Jaroslav HalakJonas Hiller15,883
Mar 9TB Won 5-333-29-6Jaroslav HalakAntero Niittymaki21,273
Mar 11EDM Won 5-4 (SO)34-29-6Jaroslav HalakDevan Dubnyk21,273
Mar 13BOS Won 3-235-29-6Jaroslav HalakTuukka Rask21,273
Mar 16@NYR Won 3-136-29-6Jaroslav HalakHenrik Lundqvist18,200
Mar 20@TOR Lost 2-3 (SO)36-29-7Jonas GustavssonJaroslav Halak19,538
Mar 22OTT Lost 0-236-30-7Brian ElliottJaroslav Halak21,273
Mar 24@BUF Lost 2-3 (SO)36-30-8Ryan MillerCarey Price18,690
Mar 25FLA Won 4-137-30-8Jaroslav HalakTomas Vokoun21,273
Mar 27NJ Lost 2-437-31-8Martin BrodeurJaroslav Halak21,273
Mar 31CAR Lost 1-237-32-8Cam WardCarey Price21,273
Apr 2@PHI Won 1-038-32-8Jaroslav HalakBrian Boucher19,801
Apr 3BUF Won 3-039-32-8Jaroslav HalakRyan Miller21,273
Apr 6@NYI Lost 3-4 (SO)39-32-9Martin BironJaroslav Halak10,263
Apr 8@CAR Lost 2-539-33-9Cam WardJaroslav Halak18,680
Apr 10TOR Lost 3-4 (OT)39-33-10Jean-Sebastien GiguereJaroslav Halak21,273
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendanceTickets
Apr 15@WAS Won 3-2 (OT)1-0-0Jaroslav HalakJose Theodore18,377
Apr 17@WAS Lost 5-6 (OT)1-0-1Semyon VarlamovJaroslav Halak18,377
Apr 19WAS Lost 1-51-1-1Semyon VarlamovJaroslav Halak21,273
Apr 21WAS Lost 3-61-2-1Semyon VarlamovCarey Price21,273
Apr 23@WAS Won 2-12-2-1Jaroslav HalakSemyon Varlamov18,377
Apr 26WAS Won 4-13-2-1Jaroslav HalakSemyon Varlamov21,273
Apr 28@WAS Won 2-14-2-1Jaroslav HalakSemyon Varlamov18,377
Apr 30@PIT Lost 3-64-3-1Marc-Andre FleuryJaroslav Halak17,132
May 2@PIT Won 3-15-3-1Jaroslav HalakMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
May 4PIT Lost 0-25-4-1Marc-Andre FleuryJaroslav Halak21,273
May 6PIT Won 3-26-4-1Jaroslav HalakMarc-Andre Fleury21,273
May 8@PIT Lost 1-26-5-1Marc-Andre FleuryJaroslav Halak17,132
May 10PIT Won 4-37-5-1Jaroslav HalakMarc-Andre Fleury21,273
May 12@PIT Won 5-28-5-1Jaroslav HalakMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
May 16@PHI Lost 0-68-6-1Michael LeightonJaroslav Halak19,927
May 18@PHI Lost 0-38-7-1Michael LeightonJaroslav Halak19,907
May 20PHI Won 5-19-7-1Jaroslav HalakMichael Leighton21,273
May 22PHI Lost 0-39-8-1Michael LeightonJaroslav Halak21,273
May 24@PHI Lost 2-49-9-1Michael LeightonJaroslav Halak19,986

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