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DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendanceTickets
Sep 20TB Lost 4-5 (SO)0-0-1   
Sep 22@TB Won 3-21-0-1   
Sep 24TOR Won 3-22-0-1   
Sep 26@TOR Won 5-43-0-1   
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendanceTickets
Oct 4@OTT Won 4-3 (OT)1-0-0Marc-Andre FleuryMartin Gerber13,699
Oct 5OTT Lost 1-31-1-0Alex AuldMarc-Andre Fleury13,699
Oct 11NJ Lost 1-2 (OT)1-1-1Martin BrodeurMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
Oct 14PHI Won 3-2 (OT)2-1-1Marc-Andre FleuryAntero Niittymaki16,965
Oct 16WAS Lost 3-42-2-1Jose TheodoreMarc-Andre Fleury17,030
Oct 18TOR Won 4-13-2-1Marc-Andre FleuryCurtis Joseph17,033
Oct 20@BOS Won 2-1 (SO)4-2-1Dany SabourinTim Thomas17,565
Oct 23CAR Won 4-15-2-1Marc-Andre FleuryMichael Leighton17,132
Oct 25@NYR Lost 2-3 (SO)5-2-2Henrik LundqvistMarc-Andre Fleury18,200
Oct 28@SJ Lost 1-25-3-2Evgeni NabokovDany Sabourin17,496
Oct 30@PHO Lost 1-45-4-2Ilya BryzgalovMarc-Andre Fleury15,178
Nov 1@STL Won 6-36-4-2Marc-Andre FleuryChris Mason19,150
Nov 6EDM Won 5-47-4-2Marc-Andre FleuryMathieu Garon16,971
Nov 8@NYI Won 4-3 (SO)8-4-2Dany SabourinJoey MacDonald14,303
Nov 11@DET Won 7-6 (OT)9-4-2Marc-Andre FleuryChris Osgood20,066
Nov 13PHI Won 5-4 (SO)10-4-2Dany SabourinMartin Biron17,132
Nov 15BUF Won 5-211-4-2Marc-Andre FleuryRyan Miller17,132
Nov 18MIN Lost 1-2 (SO)11-4-3Niklas BackstromDany Sabourin16,971
Nov 20@ATL Won 3-212-4-3Dany SabourinOndrej Pavelec13,391
Nov 22VAN Lost 1-312-5-3Curtis SanfordDany Sabourin17,040
Nov 26@NYI Won 5-313-5-3John CurryJoey MacDonald14,871
Nov 28@BUF Lost 3-413-6-3Ryan MillerJohn Curry18,690
Nov 29NJ Won 4-114-6-3Dany SabourinScott Clemmensen17,132
Dec 3@NYR Lost 2-3 (SO)14-6-4Henrik LundqvistDany Sabourin18,200
Dec 4@CAR Won 5-215-6-4Dany SabourinMichael Leighton14,559
Dec 6@OTT Lost 2-315-7-4Alex AuldDany Sabourin19,561
Dec 8BUF Lost 3-415-8-4Ryan MillerDany Sabourin16,976
Dec 10@NJ Lost 1-415-9-4Scott ClemmensenDany Sabourin16,808
Dec 11NYI Won 9-216-9-4John CurryJoey MacDonald16,972
Dec 13@PHI Lost 3-616-10-4Martin BironDany Sabourin19,811
Dec 18@ATL Won 6-317-10-4Marc-Andre FleuryOndrej Pavelec15,124
Dec 20TOR Lost 3-717-11-4Vesa ToskalaMarc-Andre Fleury17,053
Dec 22@BUF Won 4-3 (OT)18-11-4Marc-Andre FleuryRyan Miller18,690
Dec 23TB Lost 0-218-12-4Mike SmithMarc-Andre Fleury17,064
Dec 26@NJ Won 1-019-12-4Marc-Andre FleuryScott Clemmensen16,921
Dec 27MON Lost 2-319-13-4Carey PriceMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
Dec 30BOS Lost 2-519-14-4Tim ThomasMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
Jan 1@BOS Lost 2-419-15-4Manny FernandezDany Sabourin17,565
Jan 3FLA Lost 1-619-16-4Craig AndersonMarc-Andre Fleury17,042
Jan 5@NYR Lost 0-419-17-4Henrik LundqvistMarc-Andre Fleury18,200
Jan 6ATL Won 3-120-17-4Marc-Andre FleuryKari Lehtonen16,975
Jan 8@NSH Lost 3-520-18-4Pekka RinneMarc-Andre Fleury14,297
Jan 10@COL Lost 3-520-19-4Andrew RaycroftDany Sabourin17,908
Jan 13@PHI Won 4-221-19-4Marc-Andre FleuryMartin Biron19,872
Jan 14WAS Lost 3-621-20-4Jose TheodoreMarc-Andre Fleury16,975
Jan 16ANA Won 3-122-20-4Marc-Andre FleuryJean-Sebastien Giguere17,005
Jan 18NYR Won 3-023-20-4Marc-Andre FleuryHenrik Lundqvist17,024
Jan 20CAR Lost 1-223-21-4Cam WardMarc-Andre Fleury16,972
Jan 28NYR Won 6-224-21-4Marc-Andre FleuryHenrik Lundqvist16,965
Jan 30@NJ Lost 3-4 (OT)24-21-5Scott ClemmensenMarc-Andre Fleury17,625
Jan 31@TOR Lost 4-524-22-5Vesa ToskalaMathieu Garon19,570
Feb 3@MON Lost 2-424-23-5Carey PriceMarc-Andre Fleury21,273
Feb 4TB Won 4-3 (OT)25-23-5Marc-Andre FleuryMike McKenna16,977
Feb 6CLB Won 4-126-23-5Marc-Andre FleuryWade Dubielewicz17,050
Feb 8DET Lost 0-326-24-5Ty ConklinMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
Feb 11SJ Won 2-1 (SO)27-24-5Marc-Andre FleuryBrian Boucher17,034
Feb 14@TOR Lost 2-627-25-5Vesa ToskalaMarc-Andre Fleury19,365
Feb 16@NYI Lost 2-3 (SO)27-25-6Joey MacDonaldMarc-Andre Fleury16,234
Feb 19MON Won 5-428-25-6Marc-Andre FleuryCarey Price16,968
Feb 21@PHI Won 5-429-25-6Marc-Andre FleuryMartin Biron19,992
Feb 22@WAS Lost 2-529-26-6Jose TheodoreMarc-Andre Fleury18,277
Feb 25NYI Won 1-030-26-6Marc-Andre FleuryYann Danis16,975
Feb 27@CHI Won 5-4 (OT)31-26-6Marc-Andre FleuryAntti Niemi22,689
Mar 1@DAL Won 4-132-26-6Marc-Andre FleuryTobias Stephan18,532
Mar 3@TB Won 3-133-26-6Marc-Andre FleuryKarri Ramo19,909
Mar 5@FLA Won 4-134-26-6Marc-Andre FleuryTomas Vokoun18,933
Mar 8@WAS Won 4-3 (SO)35-26-6Marc-Andre FleuryJose Theodore18,277
Mar 10FLA Won 4-3 (SO)36-26-6Marc-Andre FleuryTomas Vokoun17,132
Mar 12@CLB Lost 3-4 (SO)36-26-7Steve MasonMarc-Andre Fleury19,167
Mar 14OTT Lost 3-4 (SO)36-26-8Brian ElliottMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
Mar 15BOS Won 6-437-26-8Mathieu GaronTim Thomas17,132
Mar 17ATL Won 6-238-26-8Marc-Andre FleuryJohan Hedberg17,088
Mar 20LA Won 4-139-26-8Marc-Andre FleuryJonathan Quick17,132
Mar 22PHI Lost 1-339-27-8Martin BironMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
Mar 25CGY Won 2-040-27-8Marc-Andre FleuryMiikka Kiprusoff17,083
Mar 28NYR Won 4-341-27-8Marc-Andre FleuryHenrik Lundqvist17,110
Apr 1NJ Won 6-142-27-8Marc-Andre FleuryMartin Brodeur17,132
Apr 4@CAR Lost 2-3 (OT)42-27-9Cam WardMarc-Andre Fleury18,680
Apr 5@FLA Lost 2-442-28-9Tomas VokounMarc-Andre Fleury18,232
Apr 7@TB Won 6-443-28-9Marc-Andre FleuryKarri Ramo19,538
Apr 9NYI Won 6-144-28-9Mathieu GaronJoey MacDonald17,132
Apr 11@MON Won 3-145-28-9Marc-Andre FleuryCarey Price21,273
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendanceTickets
Apr 15PHI Won 4-11-0-0Marc-Andre FleuryMartin Biron17,132
Apr 17PHI Won 3-2 (OT)2-0-0Marc-Andre FleuryMartin Biron17,132
Apr 19@PHI Lost 3-62-1-0Martin BironMarc-Andre Fleury19,745
Apr 21@PHI Won 3-13-1-0Marc-Andre FleuryMartin Biron19,883
Apr 23PHI Lost 0-33-2-0Martin BironMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
Apr 25@PHI Won 5-34-2-0Marc-Andre FleuryMartin Biron20,017
May 2@WAS Lost 2-34-3-0Simeon VarlamovMarc-Andre Fleury18,277
May 4@WAS Lost 3-44-4-0Simeon VarlamovMarc-Andre Fleury18,277
May 6WAS Won 3-2 (OT)5-4-0Marc-Andre FleurySimeon Varlamov17,132
May 8WAS Won 5-36-4-0Marc-Andre FleurySimeon Varlamov17,132
May 9@WAS Won 4-3 (OT)7-4-0Marc-Andre FleurySimeon Varlamov18,277
May 11WAS Lost 4-5 (OT)7-4-1Simeon VarlamovMarc-Andre Fleury17,132
May 13@WAS Won 6-28-4-1Marc-Andre FleurySimeon Varlamov18,277
May 18CAR Won 3-29-4-1Marc-Andre FleuryCam Ward17,132
May 21CAR Won 7-410-4-1Marc-Andre FleuryCam Ward17,132
May 23@CAR Won 6-211-4-1Marc-Andre FleuryCam Ward18,789
May 26@CAR Won 4-112-4-1Marc-Andre FleuryCam Ward18,680
May 30@DET Lost 1-312-5-1Chris OsgoodMarc-Andre Fleury20,066
May 31@DET Lost 1-312-6-1Chris OsgoodMarc-Andre Fleury20,066
Jun 2DET Won 4-213-6-1Marc-Andre FleuryChris Osgood17,132
Jun 4DET Won 4-214-6-1Marc-Andre FleuryChris Osgood17,132
Jun 6@DET Lost 0-514-7-1Chris OsgoodMarc-Andre Fleury20,066
Jun 9DET Won 2-115-7-1Marc-Andre FleuryChris Osgood17,132
Jun 12@DET Won 2-116-7-1Marc-Andre FleuryChris Osgood20,066

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