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Complete schedule
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Sep 18@LA Lost 5-60-1-0  
Sep 19@ANA Won 1-01-1-0  
Sep 21ANA Won 3-12-1-0  
Sep 22VAN Won 3-13-1-0  
Sep 25@CGY Lost 2-3 (SO)3-1-1  
Sep 26@VAN Won 4-3 (SO)4-1-1  
Sep 29CGY Won 2-15-1-1  
Regular Season
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Oct 4@EDM Lost 2-3 (SO)0-0-1Dwayne RolosonEvgeni Nabokov16,839
Oct 5@VAN Won 3-11-0-1Evgeni NabokovRoberto Luongo18,630
Oct 7@COL Lost 2-61-1-1Peter BudajEvgeni Nabokov15,876
Oct 10@CHI Won 2-12-1-1Evgeni NabokovNikolai Khabibulin10,122
Oct 13BOS Lost 1-22-2-1Tim ThomasEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Oct 15@VAN Won 4-23-2-1Evgeni NabokovRoberto Luongo18,630
Oct 18DET Lost 2-43-3-1Chris OsgoodEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Oct 20NSH Won 3-04-3-1Evgeni NabokovChris Mason17,496
Oct 22@CGY Won 4-15-3-1Evgeni NabokovMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Oct 26@DET Lost 1-55-4-1Chris OsgoodEvgeni Nabokov18,289
Oct 27@CLB Lost 1-25-5-1Pascal LeclaireEvgeni Nabokov13,234
Oct 29@DAL Won 4-26-5-1Evgeni NabokovMarty Turco17,546
Nov 2LA Lost 2-56-6-1Jean-Sebastien AubinEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Nov 3@LA Won 3-17-6-1Evgeni NabokovJason LaBarbera18,118
Nov 7DAL Lost 1-37-7-1Marty TurcoEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Nov 9@ANA Lost 2-3 (SO)7-7-2Jean-Sebastien GiguereEvgeni Nabokov17,174
Nov 10PHO Won 4-18-7-2Evgeni NabokovAlex Auld17,496
Nov 12PHO Won 5-09-7-2Evgeni NabokovMikael Tellqvist17,496
Nov 14@DAL Won 4-3 (SO)10-7-2Evgeni NabokovMarty Turco17,682
Nov 15@PHO Won 6-011-7-2Evgeni NabokovAlex Auld12,953
Nov 17ANA Lost 1-2 (SO)11-7-3Jean-Sebastien GiguereEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Nov 24LA Lost 1-211-8-3Jason LaBarberaEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Nov 28LA Lost 2-3 (SO)11-8-4Jason LaBarberaEvgeni Nabokov17,071
Nov 30COL Won 3-212-8-4Evgeni NabokovPeter Budaj17,496
Dec 3@COL Won 3-213-8-4Evgeni NabokovJose Theodore15,213
Dec 5@DAL Won 3-214-8-4Evgeni NabokovMarty Turco17,318
Dec 7@PHO Won 1-015-8-4Evgeni NabokovIlya Bryzgalov12,972
Dec 8BUF Lost 1-715-9-4Ryan MillerEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Dec 11MIN Won 4-116-9-4Evgeni NabokovNiklas Backstrom17,064
Dec 13VAN Won 5-217-9-4Evgeni NabokovCurtis Sanford17,175
Dec 15DAL Lost 2-417-10-4Marty TurcoEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Dec 16@ANA Won 2-1 (SO)18-10-4Evgeni NabokovJean-Sebastien Giguere17,174
Dec 18ANA Lost 0-218-11-4Jean-Sebastien GiguereEvgeni Nabokov17,197
Dec 20PHO Lost 2-3 (SO)18-11-5Ilya BryzgalovEvgeni Nabokov17,136
Dec 22ANA Lost 2-518-12-5Jean-Sebastien GiguereEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Dec 26@LA Won 3-219-12-5Evgeni NabokovJean-Sebastien Aubin18,118
Dec 28@STL Won 1-020-12-5Evgeni NabokovManny Legace19,250
Dec 29@NSH Won 5-221-12-5Evgeni NabokovChris Mason13,298
Dec 31@MIN Won 3-222-12-5Evgeni NabokovNiklas Backstrom18,568
Jan 3CGY Lost 2-3 (OT)22-12-6Miikka KiprusoffEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Jan 5CLB Won 3-223-12-6Evgeni NabokovFredrik Norrena17,496
Jan 10VAN Won 3-124-12-6Evgeni NabokovRoberto Luongo17,496
Jan 12TOR Won 3-225-12-6Evgeni NabokovVesa Toskala17,496
Jan 13@ANA Lost 3-4 (OT)25-12-7Jean-Sebastien GiguereThomas Greiss17,174
Jan 15@PHO Lost 3-525-13-7Ilya BryzgalovEvgeni Nabokov11,822
Jan 17DAL Lost 2-425-14-7Marty TurcoEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Jan 19DET Lost 3-625-15-7Dominik HasekEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Jan 22CHI Won 3-226-15-7Evgeni NabokovPatrick Lalime17,136
Jan 24STL Won 4-127-15-7Evgeni NabokovManny Legace17,142
Jan 29@EDM Won 3-028-15-7Evgeni NabokovMathieu Garon16,839
Jan 30@CGY Lost 4-528-16-7Miikka KiprusoffEvgeni Nabokov19,289
Feb 2CHI Won 3-2 (SO)29-16-7Evgeni NabokovNikolai Khabibulin17,496
Feb 6COL Lost 1-329-17-7Jose TheodoreEvgeni Nabokov17,087
Feb 8CLB Won 2-1 (OT)30-17-7Evgeni NabokovFredrik Norrena17,210
Feb 9NSH Won 4-331-17-7Evgeni NabokovChris Mason17,496
Feb 12CGY Lost 3-4 (OT)31-17-8Miikka KiprusoffEvgeni Nabokov17,269
Feb 14EDM Lost 2-331-18-8Mathieu GaronEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Feb 17@NYR Lost 1-331-19-8Henrik LundqvistEvgeni Nabokov18,200
Feb 18@NYI Lost 2-331-20-8Rick DiPietroEvgeni Nabokov16,234
Feb 20@NJ Lost 2-331-21-8Martin BrodeurThomas Greiss13,855
Feb 21@PHI Won 3-132-21-8Evgeni NabokovMartin Biron19,487
Feb 24@PIT Won 2-1 (SO)33-21-8Evgeni NabokovTy Conklin17,132
Feb 27@CLB Won 4-234-21-8Evgeni NabokovPascal Leclaire16,029
Feb 29@DET Won 3-235-21-8Evgeni NabokovDominik Hasek20,066
Mar 1@STL Won 2-036-21-8Brian BoucherManny Legace19,150
Mar 3MON Won 6-437-21-8Evgeni NabokovCarey Price17,496
Mar 5OTT Won 3-2 (OT)38-21-8Evgeni NabokovMartin Gerber17,496
Mar 7@CHI Won 3-239-21-8Evgeni NabokovPatrick Lalime21,908
Mar 9@MIN Won 3-2 (SO)40-21-8Evgeni NabokovNiklas Backstrom18,568
Mar 11@NSH Won 2-141-21-8Evgeni NabokovDan Ellis14,965
Mar 14STL Won 4-142-21-8Evgeni NabokovHannu Toivonen17,496
Mar 16EDM Lost 1-2 (SO)42-21-9Dwayne RolosonEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Mar 18@LA Won 2-143-21-9Brian BoucherDan Cloutier16,784
Mar 19MIN Won 4-3 (SO)44-21-9Evgeni NabokovNiklas Backstrom17,496
Mar 21ANA Won 2-145-21-9Evgeni NabokovJonas Hiller17,496
Mar 25@PHO Lost 4-5 (OT)45-21-10Ilya BryzgalovBrian Boucher15,991
Mar 27DAL Won 3-2 (OT)46-21-10Evgeni NabokovMarty Turco17,496
Mar 28@ANA Won 3-147-21-10Brian BoucherJonas Hiller17,334
Mar 30PHO Won 3-148-21-10Evgeni NabokovIlya Bryzgalov17,496
Apr 1LA Won 5-249-21-10Evgeni NabokovErik Ersberg17,496
Apr 3@LA Lost 2-449-22-10Erik ErsbergEvgeni Nabokov17,759
Apr 6@DAL Lost 2-449-23-10Marty TurcoBrian Boucher18,532
DateOpp.Result / TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing GoalieAttendance
Apr 9CGY Lost 2-30-1-0Miikka KiprusoffEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Apr 10CGY Won 2-01-1-0Evgeni NabokovMiikka Kiprusoff17,496
Apr 13@CGY Lost 3-41-2-0Curtis JosephEvgeni Nabokov19,289
Apr 15@CGY Won 3-22-2-0Evgeni NabokovMiikka Kiprusoff19,289
Apr 17CGY Won 4-33-2-0Evgeni NabokovMiikka Kiprusoff17,496
Apr 20@CGY Lost 0-23-3-0Miikka KiprusoffEvgeni Nabokov19,289
Apr 22CGY Won 5-34-3-0Evgeni NabokovMiikka Kiprusoff17,496
Apr 25DAL Lost 2-3 (OT)4-3-1Marty TurcoEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Apr 27DAL Lost 2-54-4-1Marty TurcoEvgeni Nabokov17,496
Apr 29@DAL Lost 1-2 (OT)4-4-2Marty TurcoEvgeni Nabokov18,532
Apr 30@DAL Won 2-15-4-2Evgeni NabokovMarty Turco18,584
May 2DAL Won 3-2 (OT)6-4-2Evgeni NabokovMarty Turco17,496
May 4@DAL Lost 1-2 (SO)6-4-3Marty TurcoEvgeni Nabokov18,532

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