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Conference Team RankingsGF AverageGA AveragePower Play
Last updated: Sat, October 10, 2015, 12:05 EDT
10/6Tyler GaudetCPlaced on IR, Upper-body injury
10/6Dylan ReeseDPlaced on IR, Achilles
10/4Louis DomingueGSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
10/4Matthias PlachtaCSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
10/4Dylan StromeCAssigned to Junior Club, Erie-OHL
10/2Corey PotterDSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
10/2Corey PotterDSigned, One-year contract
9/30Jordan SzwarzRWSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/30Derek SmithDSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/30Henrik SamuelssonCSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/30Corey PotterDReleased
9/30Philip SamuelssonDSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/27Brendan ShinniminCSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/27Craig CunninghamLWSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/27Tyler GaudetCSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/27Marek LanghamerGSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/27Lucas LessioLWSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/27Niklas TreutleGSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/27Christian DvorakLWAssigned to European Team, London-OHL
9/27Patrick DwyerRWReleased
9/27Dakota MermisDSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/27Brendan PerliniLWAssigned to Junior Club, Niagara-OHL
9/27Keith AulieDReleased
9/25Dustin JeffreyCSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/25Dysin MayoDSent to minors, Edmonton-WHL
9/25Eric SelleckLWSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/25Alex GrantDSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/25Ryan MacInnisCAssigned to Junior Club, Kitchener-OHL
9/25Michael BuntingLWSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/23Christian FischerRWAssigned to Junior Club, Windsor-OHL
9/23Tyler BeskorowanyGReleased
9/23Greg CareyCReleased
9/23Steven DelisleDReleased
9/23Justin HacheDSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/23James MelindyDSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/23Dan O'DonoghueCSent to minors, Springfield-AHL
9/20Maxwell JamesLWReleased
9/20Nick MerkleyRWAssigned to Junior Club, Kelowna-WHL
9/20Adin HillGAssigned to Junior Club, Portland-WHL
9/20Joey CrabbRWReleased
9/20Conor GarlandRWAssigned to Junior Club, Moncton-QMJHL
9/20Austyn PlayfairCReleased
9/20Kyle CapobiancoDAssigned to Junior Club, Sudbury-OHL
9/19Patrick DwyerRWSigned as Free Agent
9/18Stefan ElliottDSigned, One-year contract
9/17Tyler BeskorowanyGInvited to Training Camp
9/17Maxwell JamesLWInvited to Training Camp
9/17Joey CrabbRWInvited to Training Camp
9/17Austyn PlayfairCInvited to Training Camp
9/9Keith AulieDInvited to Training Camp
9/9Corey PotterDInvited to Training Camp
9/9Stefan ElliottDTraded from Avalanche, for Brandon Gormley
9/5Louis DomingueGRe-Signed, One-year contract
9/3Nicholas MerkleyRWSigned, Three-year contract
8/20Christian FischerRWSigned, Three-year contract
7/31Brandon GormleyDRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/29Niklas TreutleGSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/23Michael BuntingLWSigned, Three-year contract
7/20Klas DahlbeckDRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/20Jordan MartinookLWRe-Signed, Two-year contract
7/15Brendan ShinniminCRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/14Philip SamuelssonDRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/10John ScottLWSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/7Mikkel BoedkerLWRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/6Dylan StromeCSigned, Three-year contract
7/3Derek SmithDSigned, One-year contract
7/3Eric SelleckLWSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/2Alex GrantDSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Phil LaneRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1John MooreDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualfying offer
7/1Jonas AhnelovDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Alexandre BolducCBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Andrew CampbellDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1B.J. CrombeenRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Martin EratRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1David LeggioGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Mike McKennaGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Patrick McNeillDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1David MossRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Dylan ReeseDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Viktor TikhonovRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Dylan ReeseDSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Dustin JeffreyCSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Antoine VermetteCSigned as Free Agent, Two-year contract
7/1Anders LindbackGSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Zbynek MichalekDSigned as Free Agent, Two-year contract
7/1Steve DownieRWSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Brad RichardsonCSigned as Free Agent, Three-year contract
7/1Dakota MermisDSigned as Free Agent, Three-year contract
7/1Mike LeeGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Tye McGinnLWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Mark VisentinGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Justin HodgmanCBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Darian DziurzynskiLWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Greg CareyCBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Mark ArcobelloCBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
6/30Boyd GordonCTraded from Oilers, for Lauri Korpikoski
6/27Nicklas GrossmannDTraded from Flyers, w/ C. Pronger for S. Gagner, pick
6/27Chris ProngerDTraded from Flyers, w/ N. Grossmann for S. Gagner, pick
6/3Alexandre BolducCSigned with European team, Traktor Chelyabinsk (KHL)
6/1Patrick McNeillDSigned with European team, ERC Ingolstadt (DEL-Germany)
5/28Matthias PlachtaCSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
4/17Christian DvorakLWSigned, Three-year contract
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