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Last updated: Tue, December 1, 2015, 16:34 EST
11/27Ladislav SmidDCalled up from minors, from Stockton-AHL
11/26Markus GranlundCCalled up from minors, from Stockton-AHL
11/26Joni OrtioGSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
11/25Ladislav SmidDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL for conditioning stint
11/16Derek GrantCSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
11/12Kevin PoulinGTraded from Lightning, for future considerations
10/29Karri RamoGCalled up from minors, from Stockton-AHL
10/29Jakub NakladalDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/24Micheal FerlandLWPlaced on IR, Lower-body injury
10/24Derek GrantCCalled up from minors, from Stockton-AHL
10/22Karri RamoGSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/21Brett KulakDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/21Jakub NakladalDCalled up from minors, from Stockton-AHL
10/20Markus GranlundCSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/14Markus GranlundCCalled up from minors, from Stockton-AHL
10/14Lance BoumaLWPlaced on IR, Broken fibula
10/6Ladislav SmidDPlaced on IR, Neck
10/6T.J. BrodieDPlaced on IR, Broken hand
10/6Joe ColborneCPlaced on IR, Thumb
10/5Freddie HamiltonCTraded from Avalanche, for 2016 7th-rd pick
10/5Markus GranlundCSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/4Ryan WilsonDReleased
10/2Patrick SieloffDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/2Drew ShoreCWaived
10/2Jakub NakladalDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/2Tyler WotherspoonDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/2Kenney MorrisonDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
10/2Garnet HathawayRWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/30Patrick SieloffDCalled up from minors, from Stockton-AHL
9/30Kenney MorrisonDCalled up from minors, from Stockton-AHL
9/27Rasmus AnderssonDAssigned to Junior Club, Barrie-OHL
9/27Douglas MurrayDReleased
9/27Ken AgostinoLWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Bill ArnoldCSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Ryan CulkinDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Jon GilliesGSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Keegan KanzigDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Morgan KlimchukLWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Oliver KylingtonDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Kenney MorrisonDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Emile PoirierLWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Blair RileyLWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Patrick SieloffDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Bryce Van BrabantLWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Turner ElsonLWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/27Derek GrantCSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/26Mason McDonaldGAssigned to Junior Club, Charlottetown-QMJHL
9/26Dustin StevensonDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/25Aaron JohnsonDSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/25Louick MarcotteRWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/25Hunter SmithRWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/25Nick SchneiderGAssigned to Junior Club, Medicine Hat-WHL
9/25Kent SimpsonGSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/25Ryan LombergLWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/25Austin CarrollRWSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/25Mitchell HeardCSent to minors, Stockton-AHL
9/23Nick SchneiderGSigned as Free Agent, Entry-level contract
9/22Andrew MangiapaneLWAssigned to Junior Club, Barrie-OHL
9/20Taylor BurkeCReleased
9/20Riley BruceDAssigned to Junior Club, North Bay-OHL
9/20Mason MarchmentLWAssigned to Junior Club, Erie-OHL
9/20Tyson BaillieCAssigned to Junior Club, North Bay-OHL
9/20Pavel KarnaukhovLWAssigned to Junior Club, Calgary-WHL
9/17Kent SimpsonGInvited to Training Camp
9/17Aaron JohnsonDInvited to Training Camp
9/17Ryan LombergLWInvited to Training Camp
9/17Nick SchneiderGInvited to Training Camp
9/17Blair RileyLWInvited to Training Camp
9/17Jason FramDAssigned to Junior Club, Spokane-WHL
9/17Mitchell HeardCInvited to Training Camp
9/14Rasmus AnderssonDSigned
9/10Micheal FerlandLWRe-Signed, Two-year contract
9/7Ben HanowskiRWSigned with European team, Augsburger Panther (DEL-Germany)
9/3Ryan WilsonDInvited to Training Camp
8/25Mark GiordanoDContract extended, Six-year contract extension
7/26Paul ByronCRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/24Josh JoorisCRe-Signed, One-year contact
7/24Turner ElsonLWRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/23Lance BoumaLWRe-Signed, Three-year contract
7/18David WolfLWSigned with European team, Hamburg (DEL-Germany)
7/15Drew ShoreCRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/15Ken AgostinoLWRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/15Oliver KylingtonDSigned, Three-year contract
7/14Bill ArnoldCRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/14Bryce Van BrabantLWRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/2Mason McDonaldGSigned, Three-year contract
7/2Hunter SmithRWSigned, Three-year contract
7/1Ben HanowskiRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Sena AcolatseDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1John RamageDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Mark CundariDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Raphael DiazDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Devin SetoguchiRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Karri RamoGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Brad ThiessenGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Brian McGrattanRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1David SchlemkoDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Karri RamoGSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Michael FrolikRWSigned as Free Agent, Five-year contract
7/1Derek GrantCSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Corey PotterDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
6/30Dougie HamiltonDContract extended, Six-year contract extension
6/26Dougie HamiltonDTraded from Bruins, for '15 1st-rd, two '15 2nd-rd picks
6/20Mikael BacklundCRe-Signed, Three-year contract
6/5Louick MarcotteRWSigned as Free Agent, Three-year contract
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