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Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Conference Team RankingsGF AverageGA AveragePower Play
Last updated: Sat, February 6, 2016, 16:18 EST
2/3Jonathan ToewsCSuspension Over
2/2Viktor SvedbergDCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
1/28Jonathan ToewsCSuspended, One game by NHL for missing ASG
1/27Mark McNeillRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
1/25Mark McNeillRWCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
1/21Jiri SekacLWTraded from Ducks, for Ryan Garbutt
1/17Bryan BickellLWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
1/12Richard PanikRWCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
1/4David RundbladDAssigned to European Team, ZSC Lions (Switzerland)
1/3Richard PanikRWTraded from Maple Leafs, for Jeremy Morin
12/30David RundbladDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
12/28Erik GustafssonDCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
12/18Phillip DanaultCCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
12/14Rob ScuderiDTraded from Penguins, for Trevor Daley
12/11Marko DanoRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
12/7Tanner KeroRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
12/7Dennis RasmussenCCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
12/6Bryan BickellLWCalled up from minors, Rockford-AHL
11/30Phillip DanaultCSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
11/13Erik GustafssonDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
11/13Viktor SvedbergDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
11/11Brandon MashinterLWCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
11/5Ryan HartmanRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
11/2Marko DanoCCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
11/2Bryan BickellLWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/30Ryan HartmanRWCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
10/28Erik GustafssonDCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
10/27Tanner KeroRWCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
10/27Vincent HinostrozaCSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/23Tomas KopeckyRWSigned with European team, HC Ocelari Trinec (Czech Republic)
10/20Duncan KeithDPlaced on IR, Knee surgery
10/16Vincent HinostrozaCCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
10/16Kyle BaunRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/16Kyle CumiskeyDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/15Kyle CumiskeyDRe-Signed, One-year contract
10/8Viktor SvedbergDCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
10/8Ville PokkaDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/7Kyle CumiskeyDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/6Ville PokkaDCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
10/6Viktor SvedbergDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/6Phillip DanaultCPlaced on IR, Hip
10/6Michal RozsivalDPlaced on IR, Ankle
10/3Michael LeightonGSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/2Ryan HartmanRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/2Marko DanoCSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/2Brandon MashinterLWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/2Ville PokkaDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/2Erik GustafssonDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/2Garret RossLWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/2Dennis RasmussenCSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/2Vincent HinostrozaCSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
10/1Brandon MashinterLWCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
10/1Ville PokkaDCalled up from minors, from Rockford-AHL
9/28Lubomir VisnovskyDReleased
9/28Cameron SchillingDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/28Brandon MashinterLWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/28Tomas KopeckyRWReleased
9/28Daniel PailleLWReleased
9/28Jeremy MorinLWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/26Mark McNeillRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/26Mark VisentinGReleased
9/26Jan HejdaDReleased
9/26Ryan HaggertyRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/26Chris DeSousaLWReleased
9/26Pierre-Cedric LabrieLWReleased
9/26Corey TroppRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/26Ville PokkaDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/26Mac CarruthGReleased
9/26Tanner KeroRWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/26Brent SeabrookDContract extended, Eight-year contract extension
9/26Kirill GotovetsDReleased
9/25Nolan ValleauDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/25Mathieu BriseboisDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/25Dillon FournierDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/25Dennis RobertsonDSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/25Daniel CiampiniLWReleased
9/25Jake DowellCReleased
9/25Nick MattsonDReleased
9/25Dane WaltersRWReleased
9/25Sam JardineDReleased
9/25Mike LiambasLWSent to minors, Rockford-AHL
9/24Graham KnottLWAssigned to Junior Club, Niagara-OHL
9/22Hayden McCoolCReleased
9/22Roy RadkeRWAssigned to Junior Club, Barrie-OHL
9/22Radovan BondraRWAssigned to Junior Club, Vancouver-WHL
9/21Brandon HopeGReleased
9/19Michal RozsivalDSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
9/16Dane WaltersRWInvited to Training Camp
9/16Daniel PailleLWInvited to Training Camp
9/16Hayden McCoolCInvited to Training Camp
9/16Tomas KopeckyRWInvited to Training Camp
9/16Daniel CiampiniLWInvited to Training Camp
9/16Chris DeSousaLWInvited to Training Camp
9/16Jake DowellCInvited to Training Camp
9/16Lubomir VisnovskyDInvited to Training Camp
9/16Brandon HopeGInvited to Training Camp
9/12Jan HejdaDInvited to Training Camp
9/11Dennis RobertsonDTraded from Hurricanes, Four-player trade
9/11Marcus KrugerCRe-Signed, One-year contract
9/11Jake MassieDTraded from Hurricanes, Four-player trade
9/2Joakim NordstromLWRe-Signed, One-year contract
8/18Nolan ValleauDSigned as Free Agent, Two-year contract
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