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Nicolas Batum takes a swing at Juan Carlos Navarro's groin

By Royce Young | NBA writer

Nicolas Batum sees your groin shot, Facundo Campazzo, and he raises you one.

With 24 seconds left in France and Spain's quarterfinal, Batum went to take a foul on Juan Carlos Navarro to extend the game. Instead of just hacking him to get the whistle, Batum took a full, close-fisted swing at Navarro below the belt.

He was hit with an unsportsmanlike foul, but was not ejected. Spain advanced to the semifinals with a 66-59 win.

Obviously Batum's frustrations stemmed from the fact France let a very big opportunity to shock Spain slip away with a horrific six-point fourth quarter, but that clearly doesn't excuse that sort of foul. There was also some apparant annoyance from France at the Spanish antics, notably via Rudy Fernandez, as he seemed to oversell the contact on fouls writhing on the ground after minimal contact.

But to do that, well, that's just bad. With it being right there in the open court and in front of everyone, part of me wonders if Batum was just trying to hack Navarro extremely hard and hitting him in the groin was accidental. Hard to argue with the video though. And the fact Batum seemed to admit his intentions after the game.

Asked why he did it, Batum said, "I wanted to give him a good reason to flop." And as you can, see wasn't regretting the attack in the immediate aftermath, either.

Question is, what kind of suspension would that warrant if Batum did it while playing for the Blazers?

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