Irish skeleton slider crashes, makes amazing recovery to finish run

Sean Greenwood is assisted after his run. (Getty Images)
Sean Greenwood is assisted after his run. (Getty Images)

It takes a lot of courage to compete in Skeleton at the Olympics because it can go wrong so fast. Sliding head first down an icy chute at incredible speeds isn't the safest thing mankind ever came up with.

Irish skeleton rider Sean Greenwood was reminded how dangerous his sport can be on Friday in his run in the men's competition that got under way on Friday.

Greenwood was flying around one of the large turns when he started to ride high up the wall and lost control. At that point physics took over and Greenwood was sent airborne while getting turned sideways.

The amazing part? After landing on his shoulder very hard, he actually was able to stay on his sled and keep going down the course. Since you'll want to watch this a few times, here's a GIF via SB Nation.

That's either some great luck or some serious skill. Not only did he land it but he avoided serious injury and was able to remain in the competition. If he hadn't stayed on and finished, Greenwood would have been disqualified but he did and the pain he was sliding through was apparent as he crossed the finish line.

Not surprisingly, Greenwood is 27th out of 27 riders after two heats. His time of 1:05.1 on the crash run was seven seconds slower than 26th-place Ander Mirambell of Spain and he's now 11.11 seconds off the lead. But we'd posture that Greenwood deserves a medal just for that recovery.

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