It is colder in south Florida than it is at the Winter Olympics

C (Reuters)
People are taking a dip in the Black Sea. At the Winter Olympics. No biggie. (Reuters)

Turns out, those concerns about the weather dating back a few years: they were legitimate.

Hey, warm temps are great ... for pretty much anything that doesn't involve the Winter Olympics.

When cross-country skiers are dressing for Winter Olympics competition as if it's mid-May, that's a problem. Not just for the reputation (and embarrassment) of the IOC and Sochi for holding a Winter Olympics in a climate that's crept above 60 degrees for more than half the Games now -- but also for the legitimate disadvantage it's giving the athletes.

The integrity of the snow sports appears to have been severely compromised, altering the outcomes in the process. Snow in many spots has gone to a "mashed potato" type of state, wherein it's thick, chunky and continually melting due to the warm temperatures. Also, due to the heat, a lot of this is man-made snow -- which of course differs from the falling powder Mother Nature provides.

Olympians have been spurred to speak out to world leaders about addressing climate change.

It's so warm, Florida looks like a chill in comparison. Fort Lauderdale, which is less than an album record's drive north of Miami, was cooler than Sochi on Friday.

The temperatures and weather, predictably, have become a big story. (via's Ivan Irizarry)

A full 10-degree difference between Florida and Sochi. (via @bubbaprog)

Officials in Sochi, predictably, are downplaying the balmy environment. Dudes walking around, checking out Olympic competition topless, and all is well over in Russia. Skin is revealing itself all over the area.

Nick Cunningham, one of the members on the United States four-man bobsled team, tweeted out the following on Friday.

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