Jamaica, we have a problem: Bobsledders in Sochi, gear is not

Winston Watts vows to keep smiling, even though the Jamaicans' gear has yet to arrive in Sochi.
Winston Watts vows to keep smiling, even though the his team's gear is not in Sochi. (Getty Images)

The Jamaican two-man bobsled team had a helluva time getting to Russia. From training to qualifying to lack of funding, Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon were a longshot just to make it to Sochi.

But make it to Sochi they have, but one problem: Their equipment has not yet arrived. Therefore, the team was unable to make their scheduled practice run Wednesday.

"The sled is here," Watts told the Associated Press. "But the blades that we put our heart out to get, the airline maybe left them back in New York. None of us have clothing."

Clothing and blades are important, obviously, but Watts said there is a contingency plan if things continue to go wrong.

"I do have a backup plan," Watts said. "We do have a lot of guys here that want to help us, so I'm excited to see what's going to be the outcome tomorrow."

If that doesn't work? Well, Watts has a plan for that, too: blind positivity.

"There's no such word to explain how I felt being here," he said. "The atmosphere, the fans, the friends. It's pretty exciting. We are the most lovingest people, so every moment is always positive. We always keep smiling. That is our motto."

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