WATCH: USA luger Kate Hansen spies massive canine in her hallway

UPDATE: The Orlando Sentinel and Inside Edition are reporting that the video is hoax orchestrated by the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The syndicated magazine got confirmation of the fake video from Sandy Caligiore, a publicist for the US Luge Association.

Stray dogs have been a big story line in Sochi since the start of the games. Athletes are basically bringing back nearly as many canines as they are medals. It's a happy piece of news.

But what dancing USA luger Kate Hansen encountered and shared in the early American hours Friday morning (that's her video above) isn't exactly a puppy that can be put on a plane ride back to the States. Hansen tweeted out, "Wolf in my hall?!?"

I don't think it's a wolf, but that's a big ol' beast all the same. It appears to be some sort of husky -- though I can't deny an outright wolf is clearly the better/scarier story/find. Hansen cracked her door and got a few seconds of the stray dog strolling through her hallway in the Olympic Village.

This has truly been an Olympiad unlike any other. I'm not sure I'm ready for it to end.

Related: we recently had an interview with Hansen, wherein she shared her experiences in Sochi, love for Beyonce and embracing newfound fame.

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