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Basketball at the 2012 London Olympics - Knockout Stage
Women's Basketball - Quarterfinals
Tuesday, August 7
GameTime (ET)
USA vs. Canada (QF1) 91-48, USA
Australia vs. China (QF2) 75-60, AUS
Turkey vs. Russia (QF3) 66-63, RUS
France vs. Czech Republic (QF4) 71-68, FRA
Men's Basketball - Quarterfinals
Wednesday, August 8
GameTime (ET)
Russia vs. Lithuania (QF1) 83-74, RUS
France vs. Spain (QF2) 66-59, ESP
Brazil vs. Argentina (QF3) 82-77, ARG
USA vs. Australia (QF4) 119-86, USA
Women's Basketball - Semifinals
Thursday, August 9
GameTime (ET)
USA vs. Australia (SF1) 86-73, USA
Russia vs. France (SF2) 81-64, FRA
Men's Basketball - Semifinals
Friday, August 10
GameTime (ET)
Russia vs. Spain (SF1) 67-59, ESP
Argentina vs. USA (SF2) 109-83, USA
Women's Basketball - Medal round
Saturday, August 11
GameTime (ET)
Australia vs. Russia (bronze medal game) 83-74, AUS
USA vs. France (gold medal game) 86-50, USA
Men's Basketball - Medal round
Sunday, August 12
GameTime (ET)
Russia vs. Argentina (bronze medal game) 81-77, RUS
Spain vs. USA (gold medal game) 107-100, USA

Group Stage Results
Women's Basketball
Saturday, July 28
GameTime (ET)
China vs. Czech Republic (Group A) 66-57, CHI
Canada vs. Russia (Group A) 58-53, RUS
Turkey vs. Angola (Group A) 72-50, TUR
United States vs. Croatia (Group A) 81-56, USA
Brazil vs. France (Group B) 73-58, FRA
Australia vs. Great Britain (Group B) 74-58, AUS
Men's Basketball
Sunday, July 29
GameTime (ET)
Nigeria vs. Tunisia (Group A) 60-56, NGR
Brazil vs. Australia (Group B) 75-71, BRA
United States vs. France (Group A) 98-71, USA
Spain vs. China (Group B) 97-81, ESP
Russia vs. Great Britain (Group B) 95-75, RUS
Argentina vs. Lithuania (Group A) 102-79, ARG
Women's Basketball
Monday, July 30
GameTime (ET)
Croatia vs. China (Group A) 83-58, CHN
Czech Republic vs. Turkey (Group A) 61-57, TUR
France vs. Australia (Group B) 74-70 (OT), FRA
Russia vs. Brazil (Group B) 69-59, RUS
Great Britain vs. Canada (Group B) 73-65, CAN
Angola vs. United States (Group A) 90-38, USA
Men's Basketball
Tuesday, July 31
GameTime (ET)
China vs. Russia (Group B) 73-54, RUS
Australia vs. Spain (Group B) 82-70, ESP
Lithuania vs. Nigeria (Group A) 72-53, LTU
Great Britain vs. Brazil (Group B) 67-62, BRA
France vs. Argentina (Group A) 71-64, FRA
Tunisia vs. United States (Group A) 110-63, USA
Women's Basketball
Wednesday, August 1
GameTime (ET)
Canada vs. France (Group B) 64-60, FRA
China vs. Angola (Group A) 76-52, CHN
Australia vs. Brazil (Group B) 67-61, AUS
Great Britain vs. Russia (Group B) 67-61, RUS
Croatia vs. Czech Republic (Group A) 89-70, CZE
United States vs. Turkey (Group A) 89-58, USA
Men's Basketball
Thursday, August 2
GameTime (ET)
France vs. Lithuania (Group A) 82-74, FRA
Australia vs. China (Group B) 81-61, AUS
Argentina vs. Tunisia (Group A) 92-69, ARG
Brazil vs. Russia (Group B) 75-74, RUS
Spain vs. Great Britain (Group B) 79-78, GBR
United States vs. Nigeria (Group A) 156-73, USA
Women's Basketball
Friday, August 3
GameTime (ET)
Angola vs. Croatia (Group A) 75-56, CRO
Russia vs. Australia (Group B) 70-66, AUS
Brazil vs. Canada (Group B) 79-73, CAN
Turkey vs. China (Group A) 82-55, TUR
France vs. Great Britain (Group B) 80-77, FRA (OT)
Czech Republic vs. United States (Group A) 88-61, USA
Men's Basketball
Saturday, August 4
GameTime (ET)
Tunisia vs. France (Group A) 73-69, FRA
Russia vs. Spain (Group B) 77-74, RUS
Lithuania vs. United States (Group A) 99-94, USA
China vs. Brazil (Group B) 98-58, BRA
Great Britain vs. Australia (Group B) 106-75, AUS
Nigeria vs. Argentina (Group A) 93-79, ARG
Women's Basketball
Sunday, August 5
GameTime (ET)
France vs. Russia (Group B) 65-54, FRA
Angola vs. Czech Republic (Group A) 82-47, CZE
Canada vs. Australia (Group B) 72-63, AUS
China vs. United States (Group A) 114-66, USA
Croatia vs. Turkey (Group A) 70-65, TUR
Great Britain vs. Brazil (Group B) 78-66, BRA
Men's Basketball
Monday, August 6
GameTime (ET)
Australia vs. Russia (Group B) 82-80, AUS
Tunisia vs. Lithuania (Group A) 76-63, LTU
France vs. Nigeria (Group A) 79-73, FRA
Great Britain vs. China (Group B) 90-58, GBR
Spain vs. Brazil (Group B) 88-82, BRA
Argentina vs. United States (Group A) 126-97, USA
Men's Group A
CountryW-L PDPts
Men's Group B
CountryW-L PDPts
Women's Group A
CountryW-L PDPts
Women's Group B
CountryW-L PDPts

1. Head-to-head
2. H2H goal average
3. Overall goal average
4. Points scored
5. Drawing of lots

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