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Rankings updated (02/10/2016) at 10:35 AM EST
Overall: 19-4
Conference: 10-1
Previous: 1
The Hawkeyes have won 12 of their past 13 games with the lone loss in that stretch coming at Maryland. Their four losses are to schools also in the Top 25 (and one), and they’ve come by a total of 16 points.02/11 at Indiana 9:00 PM EST
02/14 Minnesota 7:30 PM EST
Overall: 20-3
Conference: 8-3
Previous: 2
The Sooners have five wins over schools also ranked in the Top 25 (and one). They've beaten Villanova, West Virginia, Iowa State, Texas and Baylor, and their only loss to a currently unranked team is last week's loss at Kansas State.02/08 defeated Texas 63-60
02/13 Kansas 2:00 PM EST
Overall: 21-3
Conference: 11-1
Previous: 3
The Wildcats have won four straight since suffering a loss at home to Providence. They have six top­-50 RPI wins -- and a two-­game lead in the Big East standings.02/09 defeated DePaul 86-59
02/13 St. John's 8:00 PM EST
Overall: 22-3
Conference: 10-2
Previous: 5
The Terrapins have won five straight since losing at Michigan State. Their only losses are single-digit losses at North Carolina, at Michigan State and at Michigan.02/09 defeated BOWIE 93-62
02/13 Wisconsin 6:00 PM EST
Overall: 20-4
Conference: 8-3
Previous: 6
The Jayhawks’ win over West Virginia created a three-way tie atop the Big 12 standings. Kansas, Oklahoma and West Virginia are all 8-3 in the league.02/09 defeated West Virginia 75-65
02/13 at Oklahoma 2:00 PM EST
Overall: 20-4
Conference: 9-3
Previous: 7
The Cavaliers have five wins over schools also currently ranked in the Top 25 (and one). They own double-digit wins over Villanova, West Virginia, Notre Dame and Louisville.02/09 defeated Virginia Tech 67-49
02/13 at Duke 4:30 PM EST
7West Virginia
Overall: 19-5
Conference: 8-3
Previous: 8
All five of West Virginia’s losses are to schools ranked in the top 25 of the RPI. The Mountaineers own wins over Kansas, Iowa State, Baylor and San Diego State.02/09 lost to Kansas 75-65
02/13 TCU 12:00 PM EST
8North Carolina
Overall: 20-4
Conference: 9-2
Previous: 9
The Tar Heels have dropped two of their past three but still have a one-game lead in the ACC standings. Only one of their four losses is to a team with a sub-30 RPI.02/09 defeated Boston College 68-65
02/14 Pittsburgh 1:00 PM EST
9Iowa State
Overall: 17-6
Conference: 6-4
Previous: 10
The Cyclones won at Oklahoma State despite the absence of Jameel McKay. He was suspended and did not make the trip.02/10 at Texas Tech 9:00 PM EST
02/13 Texas 8:30 PM EST
Overall: 20-4
Conference: 9-2
Previous: 12
The Ducks have won six straight since losing at Colorado. Their resume features eight top-50 RPI wins that help offset two sub-50 losses.02/11 at California 9:00 PM EST
02/13 at Stanford 4:00 PM EST
11Michigan State
Overall: 20-5
Conference: 7-5
Previous: 11
The Spartans have five top-50 RPI wins and just two sub-50 losses. They’ve beaten Kansas, Maryland, Louisville, Florida, Providence and Michigan.02/09 lost to Purdue 82-81
02/14 Indiana 1:00 PM EST
Overall: 21-3
Conference: 9-3
Previous: 4
Xavier’s resume features four top-50 RPI wins and two losses outside of the top 70. The Musketeers’ three losses have come by an average of 18.0 points.02/09 lost to Creighton 70-56
02/13 at Butler 2:30 PM EST
13Miami (Fla.)
Overall: 19-4
Conference: 8-3
Previous: 13
The Hurricanes have won three straight since losing at North Carolina State. Their resume features seven top-50 RPI wins, including victories over Notre Dame, Utah and Duke.02/09 defeated Pittsburgh 65-63
02/14 at Florida State 6:30 PM EST
Overall: 19-5
Conference: 8-3
Previous: 14
The Cardinals have three top-50 RPI wins and just one loss outside of the top 25. Their best win is last week's 71-65 victory over North Carolina.02/08 lost to Duke 72-65
02/13 at Notre Dame 4:00 PM EST
Overall: 20-5
Conference: 8-4
Previous: 15
The Boilermakers’ resume features three top-50 RPI wins -- including victories over Michigan State and Michigan -- and two losses outside of the top 50. Their two sub-50 losses are to Butler and Illinois.02/09 defeated Michigan State 82-81
02/13 at Michigan 2:00 PM EST
Overall: 20-3
Conference: 10-1
Previous: 16
The Flyers have won eight straight since losing at La Salle. They own wins over Iowa and George Washington, and they are atop the Atlantic 10 standings.02/09 defeated Duquesne 76-74
02/12 at Rhode Island 7:00 PM EST
17Southern California
Overall: 18-5
Conference: 7-3
Previous: 17
The Trojans have won three straight since losing at Oregon State. They have four top-50 RPI wins and just one loss outside of the top 50.02/12 at Arizona State 8:00 PM EST
02/14 at Arizona 9:00 PM EST
Overall: 17-6
Conference: 6-4
Previous: 18
The Bears have lost two straight since beating Georgia. All six of their losses are to schools currently ranked in the Top 25 (and one).02/10 at Kansas State 8:15 PM EST
02/13 Texas Tech 8:00 PM EST
19Texas A&M
Overall: 18-5
Conference: 7-3
Previous: 19
The Aggies have dropped two straight since beating Iowa State. They’re shooting just 65.6 percent from the free throw line.02/10 at Alabama 7:00 PM EST
02/13 at LSU 1:00 PM EST
Overall: 16-8
Conference: 7-4
Previous: 20
The Longhorns have five top-50 RPI wins -- most notably victories over North Carolina, West Virginia and Iowa State. Five of their eight losses have come by six-or-fewer points, including Monday's 63-60 loss at Oklahoma.02/08 lost to Oklahoma 63-60
02/13 at Iowa State 8:30 PM EST
Overall: 20-2
Conference: 9-2
Previous: 21
The Mustangs are 2-2 in their past four games. Still, they are alone atop the American Athletic Conference standings — one game ahead of Temple and Connecticut in the loss column.02/10 Tulsa 9:00 PM EST
02/13 Gonzaga 10:00 PM EST
22Wichita State
Overall: 18-6
Conference: 12-1
Previous: 22
The Shockers are 17-3 with senior point guard Fred VanVleet in the lineup. They have a three-game lead in the loss column of the Missouri Valley Conference standings.02/09 defeated Drake 74-48
02/13 Northern Iowa 12:00 PM EST
Overall: 17-7
Conference: 6-5
Previous: 23
Six of Utah’s seven losses are to schools ranked in the top 50 of the RPI. The Utes’ only sub-50 loss is a 70-68 loss at Stanford, and they have five top-50 wins on their resume.02/10 Washington 9:00 PM EST
02/14 Washington State 3:00 PM EST
24Notre Dame
Overall: 17-7
Conference: 8-4
Previous: 24
The Irish have won two straight since losing at Miami. They own victories over Iowa, North Carolina and Duke, and their only sub-50 RPI losses are losses to Indiana and Alabama.02/08 defeated Clemson 89-83
02/13 Louisville 4:00 PM EST
Overall: 18-6
Conference: 7-4
Previous: 25
The Blue Devils will take a three-game winning streak into Saturday's game with Virginia at Cameron Indoor Stadim. They have three top-55 RPI wins and just one loss outside of the top 50.02/08 defeated Louisville 72-65
02/13 Virginia 4:30 PM EST
26Seton Hall
Overall: 17-6
Conference: 7-4
Previous: 26
The Pirates have won four straight since losing at Xavier. They have two wins over schools also ranked in the Top 25 (and one).02/10 Butler 6:30 PM EST
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