Harbaugh shocked over death of 'dear friend'

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--Coach Jim Harbaugh was struck by the sudden death of one of his former coaches at Stanford. Former Raiders DL Chester McGlockton served under Harbaugh for four years; he also coached 49ers linemen in training camp as part of the Minority Coaches Fellowship.

"It was a shock and just sad, sad," Harbaugh said, "just a dear friend, I loved him."

--Coach Jim Harbaugh said it was inevitable that he would have hired former Raiders DL Chester McGlockton, who died suddenly this week, as a 49ers coach. "He was so positive with the players and the other coaches. He always had coaching advice or spiritual advice," Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh also said McGlockton was his racquet ball partner at Stanford and warned that you had to wear your goggles when playing against him.

McGlockton died at age 42 of a massive heart attack.

--The 49ers' success is drawing attention far and wide, including from Japan's Nippon television. One of their reporters asked coach Jim Harbaugh how he turned the 49ers around this season.

"I would say that it's been player-driven, first and foremost," Harbaugh said. "We've had success on the field and it's the players that are leading that. Their work, their sweat, their dedication, their discipline, their intelligence, their study habits."

--New Rams WR Brandon Lloyd alienated many 49ers when he was here. Part of it was due to his hip-hop career. His former teammates didn't like that he wasn't focused on football and that he would constantly be filling the locker room with expletive-filled rifts. Lloyd said he's still pursuing his hip-hop career and he just sold a song to Spike T.V.

--While talking to 49ers reporters via conference call, WR Brandon Lloyd said he was getting mooned by many of his Rams teammates. He said it was hard to focus, and Lloyd was busting up in laughter often during the call.

--New Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson visited the 49ers during their Wednesday practice. The Warriors are in a similar situation as the 49ers -- trying to install a new system in a short amount of time.

"It's inspiring to watch their example; whether it's the Niners, the Raiders," Jackson said. "When people question them, didn't believe that they'd be relevant, it's inspiring to watch. Not only can you talk about doing it, but you can go out and do it."

Jackson was also planning to visit the Raiders.

--World Series of Poker Hall of Famer Phil Helmuth talked to the team on Wednesday. Helmuth befriended Jim Harbaugh when Harbaugh was coaching at Stanford. Helmuth is known for his "poker-brat" personality. As of 2011, Helmuth's career winnings were over $13 million.

--Coach Jim Harbaugh called long snapper Brian Jennings a special kind of football player -- he also displayed his knowledge of Star Wars' terminology.

"His job, he's like a Jedi Knight of snapping the football. He brings a leadership, too. An experience, a calmness, a guy that understands making good decisions. ... He's not a Padawan learner. He's not an apprentice. He's a full-fledged Jedi Knight."

22 -- Number of rushing yards Frank Gore needs to become the 49ers' all-time leading rusher.

"It could happen. Doesn't make him a bad person." --Coach Jim Harbaugh when told that LS Brian Jennings accidentally shaved off an eye brow during the bye week.

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