2014 FIFA World Cup: Colombia moves on, beating Uruguay 2-0

Florida State would like Jimbo Fisher to stick around for a while
James Rodriguez continues to be the star of this World Cup. (Getty)

Colombia 2 (Rodriguez 28', 50'), Uruguay 0

I said in my preview for this match that Colombia has been one of the best teams in this tournament so far, and it didn't look any different against Uruguay on Saturday. Thanks to two more goals from James Rodriguez, who now leads all players in the World Cup with five goals, the Colombians moved past Uruguay and into the quarterfinals for the first time in history.

Moving past that won't be easy, though, as they'll be facing the host country, Brazil.

Colombia controlled this match from the onset, as Uruguay continued to struggle offensively without Luis Suarez. Uruguay has now played two matches in this tournament without Suarez, and it was outscored 5-0 in those matches. There won't be a third, as Uruguay will now head home, it's World Cup dreams over.


FULL TIME - For the first time in history Colombia is moving on to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, and it's going to take on the host nation, Brazil. And I'm telling you right now, I think Colombia will beat Brazil.

90' - There will be three minutes of extra time, and I'm just going to say that three minutes won't be enough for Uruguay.

88' - Free kick from Ramirez but it's way too easy for Ospina. Uruguay hasn't lacked for chances in this second half, just goals.

85 SUBSTITUTION - The man of the match, and maybe the tournament, James Rodriguez comes off for Adrian Ramos.

84' - So close for Cavani! The ball finds him all alone to the left of goal and he gets off a good shot but it's saved. (via)

80' SUBSTITUTION - Time to waste some time! Colombia subs on Fredy Guarin for Juan Cuadrado.

79' - Great chance for Uruguay's Pereira but nope. Ospina is there. 

79' YELLOW CARD - Everybody gets a yellow! This time it's Colombia's Armero for, shall we say, embellishing a tackle.

77' YELLOW CARD - Somebody on the Uruguay bench -- Diego Lugano maybe -- just got a yellow. Odds are he yelled some compliments from the bench.

74' - Corner for Uruguay is headed out of play by Ramirez. Uruguay can't afford to keep wasting chances like that.

70' - Nice cross into the box from Cavani but it's headed out of bounds for a goal kick.

68' SUBSTITUTION - There's Colombia's first sub, as Gutierrez is replaced by Mejia.

67' SUBSTITUTION - Abel Hernandez replces Alvaro Gonzalez for Uruguay, and that's it for Uruguay's subs. Colombia hasn't made a single one yet.

65' - A Cavani cross into the box is too close to Ospina and he pounces on it to kill the threat.

64' - A laser from Christhian Rodriguez but Ospina gets to it. Uruguay starting to show some life now, but the question is whether or not its too late.

62' - Edinson Cavani realizing he may have to do this all by himself tries to. Sadly for him, his one-on-five break works as well as you'd expect a one-on-five to.

60' - So far in its two matches without Luis Suarez Uruguay is being outscored 5-0.

59' - Gonzalez gets a shot on goal for Uruguay, but it was a slow roller that never really had a chance.

57' - I'm sure somebody in Uruguay is convinced that this 2-0 Colombia lead is just being made up by the English media.

55' YELLOW CARD - Uruguay losing its composure? Dangerous tackle by Gimenez leads to the first yellow of the match.

53' SUBSTITUTIONS - Uruguay makes its first subs, taking off Diego Forlan for Cristhian Stuani as well as removing Pereira for Gaston Ramirez. Have we seen the last of Diego Forlan in a Uruguay jersey?

52' - James Rodriguez currently plays for AS Monaco. How many of you think he'll still be playing there come next season?

50' GOAL COLOMBIA - It's James Rodriguez again! A cross into the box is headed back toward James by Cuadrado, and James sends it into the back of the net. 2-0 Colombia and Rodriguez now has five goals in this tournament, more than any other player.

49' - And the corner kick accomplishes nothing as it's headed out easily by Uruguay.

48' - Colombia gets a free kick that doesn't result in a goal, but does get a corner.

46' - Nice start for Uruguay earns a corner but Forlan's cross is too close to the keeper.

46' - The second half has begun with neither team making any lineup changes at the half. It'll be interesting to see how long Uruguay waits before making changes.

5:02 p.m. ET - Both teams have made their way back onto the field. Second half beginning shortly.

HALFTIME - The first half is over, and if there's any good news for Uruguay it's that it's only down 1-0. It was thoroughly outplayed in the first 45 minutes and will need a lot of improvement if it wants its World Cup to continue. Also, James Rodriguez is awesome and is going to be getting a lot of money soon.

45' - There will be one minute of added time in the first half.

42' - Uruguay has looked better since allowing the goal, but I'm not ready to say Uruguay looks good just yet. Just better.

38' - Uruguay's best chance of the day comes on a volley from Gonzalez but a diving Ospina gets to it and pushes it aside.

37' - Diego Forlan and Yepes getting into it a bit, as Forlan delivers a shoulder to the back of Yepes. Didn't bite him, though.

35' - What's a goal without a celebration dance, anyway?

31' - Uruguay responds with a chance, but Edinson Cavani's cross into the box is deflected out for a corner. Forlan's corner is then cleared well out of the box to midfield.

28' GOAL COLOMBIA - Wow, what a strike from James Rodriguez. Colombia is no longer just controlling play, it's controlling the scoreboard thanks to Rodriguez's fourth goal of the World Cup. (via)

26' - Colombia still controlling the play for the most part, but no goals, and according to my handy soccer rule book, goals are very important. Also, you can't use your hands. Huh. That's strange. 

22' - A hero.

21' - James Rodriguez's corner finds Martinez in the box, but his header isn't powerful and is straight down. Ball goes out for a goal kick.

19' - Fans doing the wave in the stadium. Shame on all of them.

18' - According to the broadcast Colombia has had possession of the ball for 71 percent of the match so far. Honestly that seems low.

16' - Olivia Newton John is loving this match, as both teams are getting a bit physical, physical.

13' - Forlan gets a shot off for Uruguay, but I don't know if he slipped or what. That attempt sailed about 15 feet over the crossbar.

11' - First real shot of the match comes from Colombia's Zuniga, but it was a bit ambitious -- and more problematic, straight -- to say the least.

8' - Slightly terrifying image.

7' - It's way too early to make any real judgment, but so far Colombia seems to have a better plan with the ball than Uruguay does. Uruguay sending the ball long and hoping for the best while Colombia moving the ball upfield with short passes.

5' - Muslera punches the free kick out, but not far enough to get the ball away from Colombia. Colombia falls back and regroups for another push forward.

4' - Seriously, there are now two instances of both teams surrounding the ref telling him how wrong he is. Either way, Colombia is about to take a free kick from just outside the box.

2' - Less than three minutes in and everybody is mad at the referee already.

1' - We are underway! My official prediction for this match is Colombia 2-0. I just feel Colombia will dominate the ball with its superior midfield, and Uruguay has had a lot of trouble scoring without Luis Suarez.


3:52 p.m. ET - Both teams are making their way onto the field for the national anthems, and we'll be off shortly afterward. Here's to hoping this match has as much drama as Brazil-Chile did.


Colombia and Uruguay kick off at 4 p.m. ET with the winner moving on to face a Brazilian team that managed to get by Chile on penalty kicks. Here are your starting lineups:

Colombia: Ospina, Armero, Yepes, Zapata, Zuniga, Rodriguez, Aguilar, Sanchez, Cuadrado, Gutierrez, Martinez

Uruguay: Muslera; Caceres, Gimenez, Godín, A. Pereira; Gonzalez, Rios, Lodeiro, Rodriguez; Forlan, Cavani.


Match Preview: No Falcao, no Luis Suarez, but you know what? This should still be an interesting match to watch.

While it's not the best known team in this World Cup, Colombia was one of the most impressive teams in group play, winning all three of its matches. The Colombians outscored Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan by a score of 9-2, never scoring less than two goals in any single match. So with or without Falcao, there hasn't been a lot of trouble finding the back of the net.

Colombia has also had six differnet players score its goals, with James "Don't Call Me James" Rodriguez scoring three of them, and Jackson "It's Perfectly Acceptable To Call Me Jackson" Martinez scoring twice. Rodriguez is truly the center of this attack, though as he also had two assists to go with his three goals, and those two assists only trail Juan Cadrado's three for the most on the team.

The general rule so far has been that any time Rodriguez has had the ball near the box Colombia is a very real threat to score.

As for Uruguay, while Luis Suarez is attending hunger management classes, this is still a team with talent. Suarez has scored half of Uruguay's four goals in this tournament, but Paris Saint-Germain didn't pay reportedly €64.5 to get Edinson Cavani from Napoli because he was terrible. The scoring load will likely be on his shoulders if Uruguay wants to get past Colombia in this match, but if there's reason for concern it's that in the one match Uruguay already had to play without Suarez in this World Cup it lost to Costa Rica 3-1, with it's only goal coming via a Cavani penalty.

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