2014 FIFA World Cup: Switzerland advances thanks to a Shaqiri hat trick

Switzerland Honduras match preview
Switzerland and Honduras finish group play in the middle of the Amazon. (USATSI)

Switzerland 3 (Shaqiri 6', 31', 71'), Honduras 0

Switzerland came into this match needing to handle its own business while hoping France could handle its, and everything it needed to happen happened. The Swiss jumped out to an early lead and never felt threatened in this match, as Xherdan Shaqiri's hat trick was the first hat trick by a Swiss player in the World Cup since Josef Hugi in 1954. 

Also the three goal win meant that even if Ecuador beat France it would have needed to win by two goals, as Switzerland had a better goal differential.

The Hondurans, meanwhile, had a very disappointing World Cup. In its three matches Honduras was outscored by its opponents 8-1. That's going to leave a bitter taste in the mouth for the next four years.


FULL TIME: It's over, Switzerland wins 3-0 and it's moving on to the knockout stage (Ecuador and France finished 0-0) where it will face Argentina. So congrats I guess? Enjoy Messi!

90' - Three minutes of stoppage time to go.

90' - Honduras gets another shot on net, this one from Figueroa, but it's from too far out and too straight.

86' SUBSTITUTION - Shaqiri's day is done as Switzerland uses its final substitution to replace him with Dzemaili. I'd say Shaqiri earned the last few minutes of this one off.

83' - Reminder: As we approach the end of these matches, even if Ecuador scores a goal to beat France, Switzerland would still go through on goal differential. Ecuador not only needs to win, it needs to win by two goals. And it's down a man. So it looks like Switzerland will move on to face Argentina. Though a Honduras goal would make things interesting.

81' - And it was nearly 4-0 Switzerland as Mehmedi gets his foot on a cross from the right side, but like Bengston's header, it was right at the keeper.

80' - Honduras with another chance, as Bengston is all alone in front of the net and gets his head on a cross, but it's right at the keeper. It wouldn't matter, but just getting a goal would have been nice for the Hondurans here.

77' - The last Swiss player to record a hat trick in a World Cup game was Josef Hugi in 1954 against Austria. The World Cup was held in Switzerland that year.

76' SUBSTITUTIONS - Both teams make a change as Switzerland replaces Xhaka with Lang and Honduras removes Garcia for Najar.

75' - Honduras gets a corner but can't do anything with it as it's headed out for a goal kick.

73' - Still no score in the other match, by the way, so things continue to look very good for the Swiss.

73' SUBSTITUTION - After his assist Josep Drmic is subbed off for Haris Seferovic. Great match for Drmic.

71' GOAL SWITZERLAND - And there's Shaqiri's hat trick. A great move on the left wing by Drmic to beat the defender and then a pass to Shaqiri at the top of the box and Shaqiri does the rest. 3-0 Switzerland. (via)

68' - Honduran turnover leads to another chance for Shaqiri, but his shot is blocked.

67' - Honduras continues to threaten as a cross from the left finds Palacios' head, and he heads it back to the middle but Switzerland clears.

65' - New replay shows that maybe Honduras should have gotten a penalty kick after all. Jerry Palacios had his foot stepped on in the box, yet all he has to show for it is a yellow card for dissent.

63' - Switzerland actually could use another goal in this match, because if Ecuador does manage to beat France, goal differential will be the decider for second place in the group.

61' - Honduras calling for a penalty kick after Palacios is brought down in the box, but I have to agree with the ref here. Could have been one, but Palacios went down a bit easily.

59' - We just came very close to a Shaqiri hat trick.

58' - Somewhat surprised by the amount of energy in this second half. I figured the Amazon would start beating these two teams down by now. Not complaining, mind you.

51' - Oh my! A fantastic chance for Honduras as the keeper is beat but Bengston's attempt is stopped by Rodriguez with a great clearance off the goal line. Honduras has a lot more energy in this half so far, which is nice to see. Drama would be fun.

51' - Update from the other match: Ecuador is down to 10 men following a red card to Antonio Valencia. Everything's coming up Switzerland!

50' - Another chance for Honduras but Palacios can't get much of the ball as he's sandwiched between two Swiss defenders. 

49' - So close for Honduras, its best chance of the match, but Bengston's attempted header doesn't get enough of the ball. May have been better off trying to volley it rather than head it, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

48' - In the other match France just had a shot go off the post. A French goal would be wonderful news for the Swiss.

47' - I would expect Switzerland to continue being very defensive-minded in this second half and countering when the opportunity presents itself. Because that opportunity will present itself, I assure you.

46' - And we're underway once again.

5:01 p.m. ET: Both teams are making their way back out onto the pitch and the second half will begin shortly.

HALFTIME: The first half is complete with Switzerland leading 2-0 and France and Ecuador scoreless. That means Switzerland would finish second in the group and move on to the knockout stage with France.

45+1 - Switzerland gets another chance thanks to a nice pass from Shaqiri, but no goal. Have to believe this Honduran defense has another goal allowed in them today, though.

45' - There will be two minutes of stoppage time.

44' - Another hard tackle gets a foul call, but no card. Maybe the ref forgot his cards in the locker room?

42' - Another scoring chance for Switzerland but it can't convert on this one. The Swiss have had every good chance in this match so far. 

41' - This could make things interesting: It looks like Benaglio, the Swiss goalkeeper took a knee to the back of his head from a teammate after going down defending a cross. Currently being looked at by trainers, but it seems he'll stay in the match.

39' SUBSTITUTION - Honduras subs off a limping Costly for Palacios. That's kind of a costly (DO YOU GET IT?) substitution seeing as how Costly is the only Honduran to score in this World Cup. 

35' - Switzerland had basically already parked the bus, and considering how Honduras handled that counter on the second Shaqiri goal, you can swee why they chose that strategy.

32' - If any Ecuadorian players are reading this live blog, first of all, get your head in the game. But since you're here, you may want to start scoring some goals of your own.

31' GOAL SWITZERLAND - Shaqiri again! Switzerland finds itself on a two-on-two break and Shaqiri won't score many easier goals than that. 2-0 Switzerland. (via)

30' - Everybody gets a foul! Somebody is going to get a card eventually.

28' - Things getting a bit chippy out there now. Some strong tackles and a lot of contact.

22' - Ever since I mentioned Honduras' lack of attack they've started to get some momentum going. So I'm going to go ahead and say there's no way we see 10 goals scored in this match. Now all we have to do is wait.

21' - Honduras gets its first corner of the match which leads to an opportunity in front of goal, but Beckeles' turnaround is high and wide.

20' - Shaqiri gets another shot off from outside the box but this one isn't nearly as strong as his first attempt and skids wide of the net.

18' - Less than 20 minutes in, but not having trouble figuring out why Honduras has only managed one goal in this World Cup. The attack seems aimless.

15' - The free kick is straight into the wall and deflects out for a Swiss corner. And that corner is headed out rather easily.

14' - Switzerland gets a free kick from a dangerous spot outside the box. 

11' - Long way to go in both matches, but as things currently stand, that Shaqiri goal has Switzerland in the Round of 16 for the moment.

6' GOAL SWITZERLAND - Well hello there, Xherdan Shaqiri. The kicks don't lie, as Shaqiri's shot from outside the box finds the upper left corner of the net and Valladares never had a chance. 1-0 Switzerland. (via)

5' - The pitch here is in pretty bad shape. Chunks of grass coming up in places.

3' - I just want you to know I'm going to try to avoid making any Swiss Cheese, Swiss Army Knife or neutral jokes during this live blog, but I can't promise anything. Sometimes you just have to go with the easy option, you know?

2' - A GREAT chance for Switzerland early off a turnover, but after repeated attempts on goal we're still scoreless. Valladares came up huge for the Hondurans.

1' - If you didn't read the preview below, basically Switzerland can advance with a win or draw provided Ecuador loses to France. If Ecuador draws the Swiss need a win. Honduras? Honduras needs a miracle.

1' - And we are underway in Manaus. 

4:00 p.m. - Honduras' manager is named Luis Suarez. No word on whether or not he prefers the taste of human flesh.


3:55 p.m. ET - Both teams are on the field and anthems are being played. We'll be underway shortly. 

The starting lineups for this match are as follows:

Honduras: Valladares, Figueroa, Bernardez, J Garcia, W Palacios, Bengtson, Costly, B Garcia, Espinoza, Claros, Beckeles

Switzerland: Benaglio, Lichtsteiner, Inler, Xhaka, Behrami, Rodriguez, Mehmedi, Drmic, Djourou, Schaer, Shaqiri


Match Preview: The odds of this match really meaning anything for Honduras aren't great, as it would have to not only beat Switzerland while hoping France beats Ecuador, but it would have to win by at least five goals to move on. Considering Honduras has only managed one goal in its first two matches, I'm just going to go ahead and say the Hondurans aren't scoring five goals against Switzerland Wednesday.

Speaking of the Swiss, they find themselves in a somewhat similar position as the Hondurans. They're also hoping that France beats Ecuador, but Switzerland's chances of moving on are much greater. Essentially it boils down to these scenarios, as Switzerland advances with:

- a win over Honduras and an Ecuador draw/loss against France

- a draw against Honduras and an Ecuador loss

- a win over Honduras and an Ecuador win over France only if Switzerland scores three more goals than Ecuador

So, it's not easy but it's certainly not impossible, and Switzerland's best bet to move on would be winning this match outright. 

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