Neymar denies reports that he could play in final

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Neymar will not play again at this World Cup. (Getty Images)

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Brazil star Neymar released a statement Sunday along with the nation's soccer federation announcing that reports of his undergoing special treatment for a possible return to the World Cup final are untrue.

Media reports out of Brazil indicated that doctors could use some form of special treatment to have Neymar ready for the final should the Brazilians get past Germany. According to the Associated Press, the statements indicated that no such measure would be made that would put Neymar's future in jeopardy.

Certainly, attempting to play with a fractured vertebra would qualify as something that would jeopardize the young star's future. Though the news isn't all bad, as doctors indicated that Neymar could be back on the field in less than two months. But no sooner.

"Let’s not create an illusion to the Brazilian people," Brazil team doctor Jose Luiz Runco told Globo TV. "There isn’t the smallest possibility for Neymar to play on July 13 if Brazil reaches the final."

As the AP notes, the statements don't explicitly say he'll not play in the final, just that he wouldn't undergo any particular treatment program to get him ready. In short, he would have to experience a miraculous recovery in the next half week in order to be on the field.

This isn't expected to occur.

"I don’t have words to describe what has been going through my head and my heart," Neymar said in a video released Saturday. "I just want to say that I will be back as soon as possible. When you least expect I’ll be back.

"My dream is not over yet. It was interrupted by one move, but it will continue and I’m certain that my teammates will do whatever possible so I can fulfill my dream of being a champion. I won’t be able to fulfill the dream of playing in a World Cup final, but I’m sure they will win this one, they will become champions, and I will be there with them, and all of Brazil will be celebrating together."

Brazil will face Germany in the seminfinals Tuesday.

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