WATCH: Arjen Robben penalty controversy vs. Mexico

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Clearly the biggest talking point coming out of Sunday's Netherlands vs. Mexico Round of 16 match came from the stoppage time penalty awarded to the Dutch.

Two minutes into stoppage time, Netherlands forward Arjen Robben took the ball to Mexico's end-line against multiple defenders. He then cut back, and Rafa Marquez reached in with his foot, which resulted in Robben falling down.

Was it a foul? Mexico clearly disagreed with the call, as did many onlookers. What made it more interesting was the fact Robben seemed to be clearly fouled back in the first half by two Mexican defenders inside the box -- but there was no call.

Robben has a differing view.

I think Marquez gave the referee no choice. Marquez's challenge was late and Robben knew it. Because Robben had Marquez off-balance, he was able to use Marquez's leg to sell the foul. Marquez was late, he made contact. Robben might have been falling before the contact, but Marquez allowed him to sell it.

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