Which hitters are facing favorable matchups in the first full week after the All-Star break? Our Scott White shares his recommendations for the upcoming scoring period.
The schedule for the truncated scoring period ahead is fairly uniform, but one doubleheader adds some value to a few hitters. Our Scott White helps set your post-break lineups.
Your AL MVP right now? Mike Trout, hands down. Clayton Kershaw and Felix Hernandez are looking like repeat Cy Young winners, too, as we run down June's best.
Is Eric Hosmer about to go on one of his hot streaks? Is Brad Miller finally rounding into form? Our Scott White examines all of the matchups for your hitters for Fantasy Week 14.
Here's the latest AL All-Star balloting update. All the voting leaders remain the same, but Yoenis Cespedes is creeping up on Melky Cabrera for the last outfield spot.
In light of LeBron James' Game 1 cramp issues in the NBA Finals, Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter was asked about it. He had a rather humorous spin.
Adam Lind usually takes advantage of right-handed pitching, and Week 11 will offer plenty of opportunities for success. He's just one of Scott White's recommended starts for next week.
The leaders in AL All-Star balloting right now are Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, Josh Donaldson, Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Matt Wieters, Mike Trout, Jose Bautista and Jacoby Ellsbury.
May has been very kind to Yan Gomes after a sluggish April. Our Scott White says you can bet on it continuing as he breaks down your Week 8 start and sit hitters.
MLB is said to be investigating a tap (at most) from umpire Paul Nauert on Torii Hunter from Monday. Hunter himself said Nauert was in the right.

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