Starling Marte and Christian Yelich will both slide to center field next season.
Drafting the right breakout player could win your Fantasy league. Maybe it was Manny Machado in 2015 and Noah Syndergaard in 2016, but now we have to find that breakout star in 2017.
Nolan Arenado is already well established as one of the game's premier power hitters, but Chris Towers says he can get even better.
It has Mike Trout, of course, but outfield is a little light at the top and could use an infusion of talent. Scott White breaks it down into tiers.
Anyone want to draft Felix Hernandez? On today's Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast we also cover team outlooks for the Braves, Indians, Mariners and Yankees and the Hall of Fame vote.
The Rockies' lineup is as star-studded as ever, but their pitching staff offers some reason for optimism as well. Scott White breaks it down for Fantasy owners.
The Rockies could still add a more traditional first baseman
Free agency isn't the only offseason path to a better roster, you know
A great offense and a young rotation means the Rockies are a team on the rise
The Rockies have been asking the O's about Gausman for a long time, reportedly

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