Mark Trumbo will soon rejoin the Diamondbacks after months on the disabled list. Fantasy owners savvy enough to acquire him will be adding a second-half difference maker.
Scott White's Twitter followers weigh in on some of the hottest topics from the weekend, including C.J. Cron, Corey Dickerson, Alex Wood and Jake Odorizzi.
With the league on pace for roughly 250 fewer home runs than a year ago, Fantasy owners should have their eyes on the elite power hitters in trade.
Scott White explains some of the latest updates to his rankings, where Brandon Moss, Brian Dozier and Lonnie Chisenhall continue to rise.
Deciding whether to cut or keep an injured player can be a tough decision for a Fantasy owner. Which currently injured players are worth the roster spot?
Updates on the injured Josh Hamilton, Gio Gonzalez, Carlos Beltran, Cliff Lee, Joey Votto and several Red Sox players headline Thursday's daily recap.
It was such a big hit the first time that he's at it again. Scott White ranks the 30 most stashable players on the DL.
Friday's daily recap includes injury updates on Chris Sale, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Josh Willingham, Joel Hanrahan and a whole bunch of Angels, among others.
Struggling lefty Hector Santiago has reportedly been bumped from the Angels' rotation.
Lose half your roster to injuries over the last couple weeks? Scott White helps you prioritize which players to stash and which ones to drop.

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