A look at OKC's defense and whether the Thunder can really match up with Golden State and San Antonio as title contenders.
Denver's rookie point guard explodes for 18 points, six boards, five rebounds, and two huge blocks in win over Portland. It provides a blueprint for the future of the Nuggets, and here's why.
What were the top lineups for the West teams last year and how can they improve this season?
Entering his 12th NBA season, Jameer Nelson reflects on what it means to be a veteran, surviving in a league filled with dazzling point guards, and the future of the Denver Nuggets.
Denver had a locker room problem for two years but they've worked to change that and continue to make improvements with the addition of Mike Miller.
What is the point guard situation in the NBA and how could it affect the draft selections for teams looking for starters or backups?
With just two games on the schedule, can you trust anyone on the Magic this week? Chris Towers breaks down your options for Week 22
Russell Westbrook messed around and got another triple-double.
The Nuggets' coaching change probably won't fix what ails them, but Fantasy owners have reason to be optimistic anyways.
At the Fantasy Basketball Today blog, Chris Towers takes a look at the waiver wire, and asks whether it is worth chasing every new guard that becomes available.

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