Rajon Rondo has a green thumb.
Point guard is usually the best place to find a variety of bargain buys, but Chris Towers is just focusing on Brandon Knight and Isaiah Thomas in Wednesday's 12-game slate.
LeBron James is a given in Chris Towers' lineup, so the toughest choice of the night comes at the center position Monday.
The Mavericks aren't mourning last year's Rajon Rondo trade.
After a week of distrust, rumors, reports, and general chaos, let's take a devil's advocate look at the situation and see if we can see the silver lining in the Boogie-sized storm clouds.
Rajon Rondo and the Sacramento Kings gambled on each other, and Kings fans are still waiting for the payoff.
Things are only getting uglier in Sacramento. The struggling Kings are imploding fast. The question remains whether it'll be George Karl or DeMarcus Cousins who leaves this mess first.
George Karl and the Kings have not started the season in great fashion. How a bad are things and where are they headed.
DeMarcus Cousins says a players only meeting will help sort out some of the issues the Sacramento Kings are having.
Jabari Parker returns to the Bucks lineup on Wednesday. Although he doesn't contribute much on the scoreboard, he is excited to move forward from his injury.

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