Could the Bengals find a sidekick for No. 1 wide receiver A.J. Green in the first round or will head coach Marvin Lewis look again at secondary help?
Trader Rick Spielman has piled up first-round picks in recent drafts and won't be shy about dealing again as the Minnesota Vikings' general manager attempts to push the NFC North champions to the next level.
The Bengals need more than A.J. Green and tight end Tyler Eifert. Help at pass-catcher for Andy Dalton could come as early as No. 24 overall, NFLDraftScout.com found Frank Cooney writes.
Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman wants to accumulate picks -- a method for building a young roster at critical positions of need, including wide receiver.
In the 12th of a 32-team series, NFLDraftScout.com publisher Frank Cooney resets the offseason of the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals found future bookend blockers with their first two picks in the 2015 NFL Draft.
The Cleveland Browns might be closing the gap but no one filled holes better than Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta, earning the Ravens an "A" on the 2015 NFL Draft test.

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