America's national nightmare is over: Andy Dalton's lost luggage has been found.
Please help Andy Dalton find his suitcases.
Former general manager Marty Hurney had his share of draft misses, but the Carolina Panthers set their Super Bowl course in 2011 when Hurney and first-time coach Ron Rivera wore out their research staff and settled on the only logical No. 1 pick, Cam Newton.
Newton is a QB unlike any the Broncos have faced this season, given his ability to win from both within the pocket and on the run.
Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has made his first Pro Bowl, replacing Aaron Rodgers. Because Rodgers is hurt? Panic in TitleTown!
Johnny Manziel has certainly acted like someone trying to get fired and now he might get his wish.
Jackson's Cincinnati offense had its best season in years and he's been a hot name in coaching circles.
The Bengals appeared to be heading for a playoff win but then they lost control and suffered a meltdown, complete with dumb penalties and a turnover. So who's responsible for this mess?
The No. 2 seed in each respective conference has the best overall odds, while the No. 6 seeds each have the best odds of any team playing on Wild Card Weekend.
The Steelers go for the Cowboys' all-time playoff wins record, why the Chiefs' win streak might not be a good thing come playoff time, and more.

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